How To Upload and Manage Custom uReport Templates

This article focuses specifically on the uploading and managing of uReport Templates once they have been created.

Before you begin:

Required Knowledge: uReport

Required LRM Access: Admin Only

While these steps are not hard, they do, however, require very careful attention to detail.  Therefore, we strongly recommend that you have an intermediate level of technical and problem solving skills.


Navigate to LRM > Reports

On the Left Navigation Bar, Click on uReport Templates


Template Management

There are three options for template management:

  • Upload a New Template when you have a completely new design
  • When templates are incorrect or require changes it is best to Upload a New Version
  • If you no longer require a template then set it to Inactive
  1. On the Left Navigation Bar, Click on uReport Templates
  2. Click on the Action Menu, Select and Click on Upload Template
  3. Select the correct Template Type
  4. Upload your Custom Template by clicking on the Upload button and selecting your saved custom template from your computer
    • This should be a .doc or .docx file that is located on your computer (not from the cloud)
  5. Enter a Template Name that appropriately reflects the template
    • This will be used during ureport generation so choose wisely
    • Note: Template file name CANNOT include special characters  except for:
      • Open and Close parenthesis ( )
      • Underscore _
      • Hyphen, Dash –
  6. Click on Upload as Template


The Template Type is crucial to ensure that uReport correctly generates the final document. You will likely receive errors if this is not correct

To edit a Template you must upload a new version.

  1. Find the Template that needs to be Re-Uploaded form the uReport Template list
    1. If you wish to keep a copy of the current version it is best to click on the Template Name and save a copy to your computer
  2. Once you are ready… To the right of the template name, Click Re-Upload
  3. You cannot change the Template Type
  4. Click the Upload button and locate the file that you wish to upload
  5. Modify the Template Name if desired
  6. Click Upload as Template
    1. The new version of your uploaded template will now be in the system

Archive a Template to hide it from the active Template list and prevent it from being selected during uReport generation.

  1. On the Left Navigation Bar, Click on uReport Templates
  2. Then for the template you wish to archive select the Set Inactive option in the far right column


  • Only your custom templates can be set inactive
  • Inactive templates will no longer show in the active uReport template list
  • You are not able to delete templates to maintain audit history
  • To view active templates you must use the Show/Hide options to toggle as required
Next Step

It is vital that after uploading a new version of a template that you test to ensure it is working as expected.

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