How To Copy Unit Groups and Units of Study

Before you begin:

Required Knowledge: Unit Offers

Required LRM Access: Admin

Required Pre-Steps: Add Unit Groups, Add Units of Study


Navigate to the relevant Course Offer
  1. Navigate to LRM > Offers
  2. Search for the relevant Course Offer
  3. Click on the Course Offer code to take you to the Selected Course Offer > Dashboard page.


Copy Unit Groups / Units of Study
  1. On the Left Navigation Bar, Click Unit Offers
  2. Click Unit Groups
  3. Select and Copy Unit Group
  4. By default, the Unit Group Code will have the words ‘Copy of‘ appear prior to the code name.  Click in the Code box and edit.
  5. Check details and Save

Note: View Suggested Unit Offer Code Modifications for naming conventions of Unit Offers.

When you copy a Unit of Study (UoS) all the Unit Offers associated with that Unit of Competency (UoC) will also be duplicated. The product was designed this way because:

  • It has to be like that for Simple Mode
  • The most normal use case for copying a UoS is for a separate intake which will have separate dates, therefor a separate unit offer makes sense.
  1. Open the relevant Course Offer
  2. On the Left Navigation Bar, click Unit Offers
  3. Click  Units of Study
  4. In the Select dropdown Copy Unit of Study
  5. By default, the UoC code will have the words ‘Copy of ‘ appear prior to the code name . Click into the Code and edit.
  6. Save


Set Unit Offer Defaults
  1. Select Set unit offer defaults
  2. Under the Unit Offer grid, in the Action menu, select Set defaults for selected Unit Offers
  3. Tick the fields that you wish to modify and enter the relevant details

For more details How To Set Unit Offer Defaults

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