How To View and Edit Learner App Settings

The Learner App is an additional avenue for communicating with Learners. Wisenet has recently updated the layout and Look & Feel of the Learner App, see image for what has changed. Explore Learner App.

As LRM Owner you are responsible of the default settings you choose to set for your organisation to use Wisenet Applications.  This is to guide you on how to view and edit Learner App settings in the LRM.

These settings allow you to control the information that is able to be accessed; how and by who. You do not need to update all of the fields but only those that are relevant to your delivery and organisation.

Required LRM Access: Owner Only


Navigate to LRM > Settings


Access Settings
  1. In the Apps Settings widget, Click Learner App
  2. From the list of settings provided, update settings by:
    • Using the Toggle next to each setting to either enable or disable them
    • Enter/Edit details in the Edit Box provided to update a particular setting, i.e. Home page title, Learner App Header Fill Colour
  3. Click Save


Where you are required to use HTML to enter details in the Edit Box, i.e. the Learner App Home Page Text Box, and if you are not familiar with HTML, you can use an HTML Editor Tool.

There are a few free online HTML Editor tool you can use and one of them is: https://html-online.com/editor/

Once you have converted your formatted text to HTML simply copy and paste it into the relevant Edit box in your Wisenet Portal Settings.

See the table for a list of settings to manipulate.