How to Manage Skipped Canvas Grades

Canvas Customers ONLY!

If you have the “Only autograde if all grades are posted” setting set to YES in the Canvas Connected apps, the hidden grades from Canvas will be automatically skipped.

This article will help you bulk sync the skipped grades from Canvas after they have been posted for active elearning enrolments.

Required LRM Access: Owner or Admin


Navigate to LRM > Offers
  1. In the Left Navigation Bar, Click on Elearning Offers
  2. Find the relevant Elearning Offer
  3. Click on the ‘Sync Grades’ Icon


This will look for any posted grades in Canvas that match the enrolments in the elearning offer and then automatically update the result fields.

NOTE: This feature uses the autograde rules. Ensure the autograde rules are setup correctly against the unit offers to avoid any issues. The Sync Grades function also works only for elearning enrolments that have a status of Enabled.


Monitor autograded events. 

You can monitor grade events known as Auto Grade Activities to ensure the correct grade values are being updated. There are 3 types of Auto Grade Activity Statues:

  • Auto Graded
  • To Review
  • Acknowledged

The Auto Grade Activities can be found in Reports > Auto Grade Activities.