Billing And Payments Payouts

Billing & Payments Payouts is a finance report showing your Sales+ account balances and payout history.


  • Only the LRM Owner, Admin, Poweruser and User will be able to view Billing & Payment Payouts
  • Receiving payouts
    • Payouts will be made to your nominated bank account daily or weekly depending on your licence
    • The first payout may take longer due to several reasons, including the days required from your bank’s end to clear the funds
    • Subsequent payouts will be made according to your account’s payout schedule (daily/weekly)
    • Weekly payouts are processed every Tuesday

Set up Billing and Payments

Before you can view your Payouts report, remember to enable Sales+ Billing and Payments as several steps must first be completed by an Owner within Wisenet.

Access Billing & Payment Payouts

  1. Navigate to LRM > Reports
  2. On the Left Navigation Bar, click on Billing & Payments Payouts
    1. You can select how many transactions per page you would like to view
    2. Use the page navigation option at the bottom of the Payouts table to view more transactions

View Billing & Payment Payouts

Account Balances

In the Account Balances section of the report, you will see the balance of money yet to be paid out such as:

  • Available Amount, and
  • Pending Amount

Payout History

In the Payouts section of the report, you can see the payouts that should be in your bank account, such as:

    • Amount
    • Initiated – The date and time the amount was submitted on the application form
    • Estimated arrival – The date the amount is estimated to appear in your bank account

About Payouts Reconciliation

The Payments and Invoices Filtered List feature in Wisenet makes reconciliation of payouts easier. For example, you can filter a list of Issued invoices to see the amount paid and the amount owing to help compare invoices from financial records.

Learn More: How to Use Payments Filtered List | How to Use Invoices Filtered List