LRM (Learning Relationship Management)

Introducing LRM

Wisenet Learning Relationship Management (LRM) is more than just a government certified Student Management System. We are Australia’s #1 Learning Relationship Management Platform for training organisations of all shapes and sizes. We also service customers in New Zealand, Singapore, Africa, United Kingdom and beyond.

When you first log into the LRM you land on a Dashboard page with widgets, notices and helpful links. In the Top Navigation Bar, you can access LRM features.

Important Notes:

  • Depending on your Role and Access Level, what you can view and access on LRM will differ
  • If you have multiple profiles you can only access one LRM account at a time.  Regardless of how many tabs you open the LRM in, it will only open as the one account profile
  • You can use any Web Browser to access Wisenet Portal to then access the LRM.  However, Wisenet works best on Chrome, Firefox and Safari

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  • Government certified
  • AVETMISS, SDR and NZQA compliant
  • Supports Integration
  • Cloud based
  • Fully hosted
  • Data backup and retrieval
  • Single Log on
  • Intuitive for ease of use
  • How to use resources freely available online

LRM Features and Key Sections

  • Courses – View and Edit information about your accredited and non-accredited Courses
  • Course Offers – View and Edit information about your Course Offers where Learners will be enrolled in
  • Units – View and Edit information about the Units / Module / Subject / Paper associated to a Course
  • Unit Offers – View and Edit information about your Unit Offers where Learners will be enrolled in based on the associated Course Offers
  • Timetables – View and Edit Class details
  • Learners (Clients) – View and Edit details about Learners  / Students / Apprentices / Trainees
  • Sales – View and Enter information on your Sales Agents, Promotions, Inquiries and Opportunities
  • Organisations – Set Up, Record and Manage Employment and Placement details for Learners (Workplace and Agent)
  • Staff – View and Edit details about Trainers, Assessors, Coordinators, and Sales staff
  • Tasks – Add and View Tasks to track activities required to complete work-related goals
  • Lists – Add and Edit Lists which allows you to segment your records for better record management
  • Reports – Extract Wisenet Data as a Report
  • Settings – View and Enter information about your Organisation, Delivery Locations, Contracts and more
  • Help – Search our Learning Resources for any LRM support you require or log a Support Request / Ticket

User Access Roles

It is the responsibility of the Portal Administrator to set up users, modify users and deactivate users within their organisation.

When users log into the LRM system, they can see their user role in the Footer section of the page or by clicking on the profile icon.

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