Introducing Staff

The Staff section is where you record details of your Organisation’s Staff, including: trainers, assessors, education & training managers, administrators or consultants/contractors. Staff should only be entered into Wisenet once.

It is important to add your Trainers and Assessors into Wisenet as Staff prior to creating Course Enrolments. This is so that their details populate in the drop-down list when you are creating a Course Enrolment and linking Trainers/Assessors to their respective Course/Unit Offers.

Set Up

Provide Staff Member with Wisenet Access

It is important for each User of Wisenet to have their own login details. If Staff do not need to access Wisenet you can simply add them to Staff Records.

Invite a New User

Modify and Delete a User

Add a Staff

There are two ways to add a Staff in Wisenet, you can either send them an invite via the Portal or manually add them via the LRM.

If they do not require Wisenet access but their information needs to be recorded, the process is the same.

How to Add a Staff Record

Link Staff to Courses and Units

Linking Staff to Courses and Units helps identify which Staff members are eligible to train/assess. This assists when creating Staff Skill Matrix. However, not all staff need to be linked.

Link Staff to Courses and Units

(You can skip this step if you are adding non-teaching or training staff)

Link Staff to Administration Records

The purpose of this section is that staff can be linked as:

  • Credential Issuing Officers
  • Task Assignees
  • Coordinators
  • Trainers
  • Assessors


Attach Records

You are able to upload any documents that are relevant to the Staff member.

We recommend that you upload all documents that are required for auditing purposes such as:

  • Qualifications and Certificates
  • CV / Resumes
  • Working with Children / Minors checks
  • Police checks

Attach Records

Use Checklists to keep track of Staff files

Merge Staff

If a Staff member is entered in twice it is recommended that those two records be merged and not deleted.

How to Merge Staff Records

Archive Staff

When Staff leaves it is important that their access to Wisenet is modified otherwise they may still have access or other members may not be able to access their account.

How to Modify or Delete a User Account

You can also delete a staff record from within Wisenet.

How to Delete a Staff record