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Welcome to Wisenet!

The New User Journey is designed to provide you with the basics on how to navigate Wisenet Products, Support and Resources.  While we all have different roles, the basics are the same for all users. The best place to source information is in our Resource site which has been built to guide you along your learning journey – Yes! you are currently in it.

Throughout our Resources you will see references to:

  • Wisenet – the company
  • Portal – that application that you login to, access your apps, manage your account and log a support ticket
  • LRM – Learning Relationship Management. The core Student Management application

By now you should have already accepted a User Invitation and created an account.

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Let’s Get Started!

The Portal

The Wisenet Portal is the central login area for Wisenet users. It allows you to access and manage all Wisenet Applications.

You can use any Web Browser to access Wisenet’s Portal to then access the LRM application.  However, the application works best on Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

NOTE: If you have multiple profiles (Wisenet Accounts) you can only access one LRM account at a time.  Regardless of how many tabs you open, each time you login to LRM, it will change the session for all LRM tabs.


LRM: The main Application for use

Wisenet Learning Relationship Management (LRM) is more than just a government certified Student Management System. We are Australia’s #1 Learning Relationship Management Platform for training organisations of all shapes and sizes. We also service customers in New Zealand, Singapore, Africa, United Kingdom and beyond.

When you first log into the LRM you land on a Dashboard page with widgets, notices and helpful links. In the Top Navigation Bar, you can access LRM features.

Please Note: Depending on your Role and Access Level, what you can view and access on LRM will differ.

LEARN MORE: LRM Dashboard | LRM Features

Learner App: Connect with Learners

Get an insight of the Learner App and the look and feel from a Learner’s account.

Moodle: Learning Management System

Moodle is an Elearning application that allows you to use online learning for your delivery.

Learn More about Moodle and how it integrates with Wisenet LRM to simplify managing Elearning Users, Enrolments, Groups and Grades.

LEARN  MORE: Elearning Integration | How to manage Moodle Teacher Access

Explore our Resources

Wisenet Resources is our comprehensive self-help site that contains everything you need to know to be successful with Wisenet.

You do not require a login to access our Resource articles, therefore you should make it your #1 source for information to help you:

Discover features

Setup features

Resolve issues

How to get there?

  • Google search – Type in keywords of what you are looking for and Google Search Engine will do the rest to bring up a list of resource articles from our Learn centre matching those keywords
  • Help & Support button from your Portal Profile page
  • Help icon from LRM



Wisenet goes above and beyond to offer you the best customer support in using our applications.

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