How To Add a Skill Set

Skill Sets can be single Units or Groups of Units of competency from a nationally endorsed Training Package. You will need to set this up as a new Course in Wisenet.

Before you begin:

Required LRM Access: Admin

Required Pre-Steps: Different Course Types



Add a Skill Set Course

The initial steps to create a Skill Set Course is the same as adding a Course. Manually Add a Course

  1. On the Top Navigation Bar click Course & Units
  2. Click Add Course
  3. You’ll have the option to either import or manually create a course
  4. Select to Manually create a new course
  5. Complete the relevant fields for the Course type you are setting up (see below)
  6. Save

For more information see How to Add a Short Course


Add Skill Set Details
  1. The Course code should be entered as the Skill Set code.  *Note this is not the same as the code of the Course this Skill set is associated with. Check with the accrediting authority.
  2. Ensure that you select a Course
    • Recognition Status of 13 Nationally Recognised Skill set or 16 Locally Recognised Skill set
    • You will be able to see the field Associated program identifier. This field is required for reporting a Skill Set enrolment in the NAT00120.
    • Enter the Code for the qualification that this Skill Set is associated with.
STS Skills Group Courses

The STS Skills Group Courses have to be setup as a locally recognised Skillset. You will need to set them up as a separate Course even if these Units fall under a different Course. If you do not do this it will generate errors. A STS Skills Group Code will start with: “SGXXXXXXXXXX”. The STS Skills Group Code can be found on the Activity Schedule issued by the Department, or on the Commitment ID record.

Create a Course with:

  1. Course code = Skills group course code (it will start with SG)
  2. Recognition status = Locally recognised Skill Set
  3. Associated Course Identifier = blank
  4. Qualification Category= this may need to be changed to 911| Statement of Attainment Not Identifiable by Level

Course Offer:

  • Set Course Commencing ID to 3


Create Course Offer and Enrolments

The following steps are the same as any other Course Offer and Enrolment.

Add a Course Offer

Enrol Learners