Provider Information Request (PIR)

Introducing Provider Information Request (PIR)

The collection for Provider Information Request (PIR) is undertaken to ensure key data is available on all Higher Education Providers to help inform a risk-based approach to regulation of the sector. The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) uses this information to minimise the reporting burden on providers associated with regulatory processes, such as renewal of registration.

As a Higher Education Provider you are required to report on both Student and Staff data. Before you begin, learn about:

Set Up

Set Up your Accounts

Have you already registered and have your own Log On ID and Password to report with HEPCAT? You need it to report, check and certify your PIR data.

If you haven’t registered yet, complete and submit the PIR Access Request Form

The eCAF (Electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form) process has been improved thanks to the introduction of the new Government eCAF system. The system is designed to simplify the process for getting Learners to complete their Commonwealth Assistance Form.

Enable eCAF integration

FEE HELP Courses

Prior to creating Course Offers you need to indicate which Courses are for FEE HELP and decide which Course Offer structure you are going to use.

How to Mark your FEE HELP Courses

Invoice and Assistance Notices

Learn how to use CANs and Invoices for Scheduled CANs/Invoices.

How to Set Up Invoices / Assistance Notices

Set Up Course Offers

Adding a Course Offer for FEE HELP follows the same process however, ensure that any additional AVETMISS fields are entered and the Course Offer Name and Code is easily identified as FEE HELP.

Add a Course Offer

Units of Study is important for FEE HELP delivery as it allows for groups of Units and Competency.

Add Units of Study

Enrol Learners

1.Follow the steps for enrolling a learning ensuring that all relevant fields for FEE HELP Learners have been completed.

How to Enrol a Learner

Learn More? FEE HELP Files and Fields

2. After the 2 day cooling off period has passed the Learner details can be sent to eCAF

Send enrolment to eCAF

3. Generate Invoice

If  you have set up your CANs and Invoices these should generate automatically.

How to generate CANs and Invoices


Monitor and Update Learner Progress

Learn how the Enrolments work in Wisenet and How to Edit Unit of Study Enrolments.

Prepare for Reporting

IMPORTANT: As a Higher Education Provider you are required to report on both Student and Staff data.

PIR Staff Reporting

PIR Student Reporting

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