How To Add Classes

The Add Classes Wizard works in a similar way to scheduling re-occuring meetings in Outlook. This means that you can schedule classes with the same reoccurance values in one step (eg. classes that run every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 9am to 5pm). The wizard allows you to schedule:

  • Two or more classes to run at the same time and multiple classes on the same day (such as Morning, Afternoon, and Evening classes)
  • Weekend and ‘catch up’ classes
  • A large group of Learners into smaller classes

Required LRM Access: Owner, Admin, PowerUser, User


Add Class Schedule
  1. Navigate to LRM > Timetable > Search
  2. Open the relevant Timetable
  3. In the Left Navigation Bar click Add Classes Wizard
  4. The Class Defaults are the same which were entered for the Timetable. These are at the top of the page – change these details as applicable
  5. In the Green section, select the frequency of each Class that you wish and number of classes with these details that you wish to set up
  6. Next


Check Class Dates
  1. A list of classes to be created will now appear
  2. Untick any dates that classes will not be run on ( eg. Public Holidays and other holidays)
  3. Click Continue


Confirm Detail

When you create classes, each class will be assigned a unique Class Code and Description. By default, the Class Code and Description prefixes will default to the name of the Timetable.

  1. If you want to change class names: You can change the prefixes for a class reoccurrence by typing your preference into the Class Code Prefix and Class Code Description boxes. For example, you may want to call one reoccurrence ‘Practical’ and another reoccurrence ‘Theory’. You can also name classes by the Unit you will  be delivering at that particular time.
  2. Tick if you would like to add all other Learners who are already enrolled in this timetable into these new classes you have just created.
  3. Create Classes

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