How To Mark or Edit Attendance

Attendance is recorded to indicate which Learners attended or in more detail by specifying times that the Learner attended. Both of these actions can be performed in bulk.

Attendance cannot be bulk updated for a Learner across multiple classes.

Before you begin:

Required Knowledge: Timetables

Required LRM Access: Admin or Trainer

Required Pre-Steps: Timetables, How to Add Classes, Add Learners to Classes



Search for Class
  1. On the Top Navigation Bar, click Timetables
  2. In the Class Search field, type in the date of the class and / or part or all of the class code or description, eg:
    • Date only enter date as dd/mm/yyyy, eg: 21/09/2012
    • Class code, eg: TAEC14338
    • Date and code combination, eg: 21/09/2012 TAE
  3. Click Search


View Class Roll
  1. A list of classes matching your search will be returned
  2. To view your relevant class roll click Clients
  3. The class roll will now open

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Mark Attendance

There are a number of ways of entering attendance into Wisenet – you will need to check with your Training Organisation on how you are required to enter attendance.

Trainers can also mark attendance through the Trainer Portal by:

  1. Navigating to the Trainer Portal home page in the Classes section, select the relevant date range you wish to view in the dropdown box
  2. Click Attendance to the right of the relevant class
  1. Tick each Learner that attended class
  2. Click Action and select Edit selected clients
  3. On the Set all dropdown list, select Attended
    • A Pop-Up Message will appear in RED saying “All selected records have been set as Attended 100%.  Review and update individual records as required”.
      • To Edit individual Time, For Learners who:
        • Arrived late or left early: over-type their Time In and / or Time Out fields as applicable
        • Did not attend part of the class tick Was client absent from class for a period of time? In the dropdown list select the relevant time period
  4. Click Update Clients
  1. Tick the Learner that attended all classes that he/she is enrolled into
    • A list of timetables for the individual Learner will appear
  2. Click on the Class Code to view a list of all the classes per Timetable
  3. Tick the classes that the Learner has attended, then from the Actions Dropdown box, Select Set Status: Attended 100%
    • It should now show 100% in Green under the Attendance column for the selected classes

If you want to make a change to an individual Learner simply:

  1. Click on Edit on the far right of the Learner’s name
  2. You can then update details as required
  3. Once updated, click Save


Marking Absence can be can individually or in bulk as per instructions in the previous tabs.  Simply chose Absent from the Status list.

Excused Absence

This is used for when the Learner has a valid excuse for their absence such as medical appointment or approved leave.

You will need to:

  • record the details of that absence
  • ensure that the class is not counted in their attendance calculations
  1. On the right hand side click on Edit for the relevant Learner
  2. Click on the Status dropdown and change to either Medical Leave or Approved Leave
  3. Add Comments
  4. Click Save
  5. Learner’s attendance should now say Medical Leave 0% or Approved Leave 0%

Resetting Attendance

  1. On the right hand side click on Edit for the relevant Learner
  2. Under Client Class Times, Tick the box Reset Attendance data for this client?
  3. Add Comments
  4. Click Save
  5. Learner’s attendance should now say Accepted 0% and no time will be recorded


  • The default Status is now Enrolled which is no longer included in the % attendance calculation.  You must now give a correct status otherwise they will not be included for attendance
  • Absent Learners – You need to mark their Status as Absent
  • Use the Does Time In falls after a break or Time Out falls after a break if applicable (eg. The Learner doesn’t arrive until after lunch or doesn’t return after lunch). Tick the check box and adjust their break time if required.
    • You will be returned to the previous screen and the class roll will show the Class Attendance % and time in and out for each Learner.
  • Only status Attended or Absent will now be included in Attendance Calculations

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