How To Edit Class Detail or Delete Classes

You can update details of a class for an individual class or for multiple classes within the one timetable. Or if required, you can delete classes.

Required Access to Edit: Owner, Admin, PowerUser, User

Required Access to Delete: Owner, Admin


Required Pre-Steps
  1. Add Timetable
  2. Add Classes


Edit Class Details

Navigate to LRM > Timetable

Search Class

  1. In the Class Search field, type in the date of the class and / or part or all of the class code or description, i.e:
    • Date only enter date as dd/mm/yyyy, i.e: 21/09/2012
    • Class code, i.e: TAEC14338
    • Date and code combination, i.e: 21/09/2012 TAE
  2. Click Search

Edit Class

  1. A list of classes matching your search will be returned – for the relevant class, click the Class Code
  2. The class details will now open
  3. Click Action and Select Edit
  4. Modify the details that you wish to update and click Save

Search Timetable

  1. In the Timetable Search field, enter part or all of the Timetable code and / or description
  2. A list of Timetables matching your search criteria will appear
  3. Click the Timetable code for the Timetable that you wish to open
  4. The Timetable details page will open

Select Classes

  1. On the Left Navigation Bar, click Update class details
  2. The Select Classes page will now open, enter your filter criteria and click Filter:
    • Dates that you wish to filter classes from and to (by default the from filter will be set to today’s date) by overtyping the dates if applicable
    • If applicable, enter a Class Prefix Code or Name (you can also enter the full Class Code or name if you are just wanting select one class)
  3. The list of classes meeting your filter specifications will appear: Tick the classes that you wish to update
  4. Click Continue to Step 2

Edit Details

  1. Tick the fields that you wish to update and enter the data that you want them to be updated to
  2. Click Continue to Step 3
  3. You will now be ask to check the details that you wish to update and confirm the classes that you selected – once you have done this, click Perform Update
  4. You will receive a confirmation message to confirm that this has been done


  • If you update Start/End/Break Times these will also change at the Learners Class Enrolment but for future dates only. This is to prevent modifying attendance calculations incorrectly.


Delete Classes
  1. Open the relevant Timetable
  2. Search and Open the relevant class
  3. Click Action and Select Delete
    • You will receive a confirmation about the successful deletion of the class
  4. Click Continue

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