How To Add a New Timetable

A Timetable is a collection of Classes for a set time period.  Before you can create your Classes to allocate Learners to you need to create an overarching Timetable.

Required LRM Access: Owner, Admin, PowerUser, User


Required Pre-Steps:
  1. Add Staff
  2. Add Venue Details


Add Timetable
  1. Navigate to  LRM > Timetables
  2. Click Add Timetable
  3. When the Timetable page opens, fill the following details
      • Timetable Code and Name
      • Status
      • Group (must be previously created in LRM > Settings > Dropdown Lists > Timetable Group)
      • Start and End dates
      • Weeks
      • Set up the defaults for the first class in your timetable (These can be left and edited later except Start and End times)
  4. Save