How Attendance is Calculated

Attendance Calculations in Wisenet are based on the minutes that a Learner has attended.  Please note that only Status Attended or Absent will now be included in Attendance Calculations.


Attendance is always calculated as at ‘today’s date’ – if you are behind in entering attendance data, this will affect the attendance percentage the system will report.

Quick Tip

Use Report #0430 – The Learner Attendance Summary Report which lists individual class attendance per Learner.

How Class Attendance % is calculated
How Average Completion Attendance % is calculated
How Maximum Possible Average Attendance % is Calculated
Calculating attendance across multiple timetables

Wisenet has a special report designed for you to track attendance across multiple timetables. It is qReport 4018 see  Attendance Reports and Rolls

This report treats all the class attendance details in all the timetables (based on the criteria that you have entered when running the report) as one big timetable for Average Attendance and Maximum Possible Attendance calculations.

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