Introducing SDR Reporting

The SDR is a set of files which you can easily export from Wisenet. The files contain data on Learner characteristics, course enrolment details, course and qualification completions, course details, and actual EFTS on a monthly basis. Further information on EFTS forecasts is required as part of the validation process. Full SDR files must be submitted electronically to the Ministry of Education three times a year as at:

  • 15 April, and
  • 7 August, and
  • 31 December

The first two returns are provisional and the December return is final.

Additionally there is an Indicative Return due on the 10th week of the year which requires only COUR, STUD and CREG files to be uploaded.

Learn More? SDR Submission Dates

Before you begin:

Required Knowledge: A Course in the SDR corresponds to a Unit in Wisenet

DISCLAIMER: The information in this article may be subject to change and it represents Wisenet’s interpretation of published government documents. This article is intended to provide general information only. We recommend that you refer to the Ministry of Education’s published guidelines and standards for SDR reporting. Wisenet is not responsible for the accuracy of your data recording.


Do you have to submit the SDR?

As per direct quote from the SDR manual, “All TEOs that receive the Student Achievement Component including Level 1 and 2 Competitive and Plan Process Funding, and/or have students with Student Loans or Allowances, and/or Youth Guarantee programmes are required to complete an SDR. All students must be reported in SDR including non-funded students.” (SDR Manual 2018 v 1.0)

If you aren’t sure, check with TEC.


What is reported in the SDR?
  1. Data about your Organisation
    • Data to collect
      • Training Organisation details (Provider Code)
      • Delivery locations for Learners you are reporting
      • Courses and Units delivered / being delivered to Learners you are reporting
  2. Data about your Learners
    • Data to collect
      • Contact and demographic details
      • Disability or special needs (if applicable)
      • Prior education
      • Course and Unit Enrolment details


All Learners for whom a confirmed enrolment has been made in a TEO’s student management system are required to be reported, regardless of the level of study or the funding source.


SDR Files

There are five SDR files, each of which has a particular purpose.

  1. STUD or student, correlating clients in your Wisenet database with Learners in the National Student Index
  2. COUR or course enrolment, a declaration of what your organisation is delivering based on the unit enrolments in your Wisenet database
  3. CREG or course register, confirming that Unit details in your Wisenet database match the details on record at TEC
  4. QUAL or qualification completion, lodging a record of qualification attainment
  5. COMP or course completion, recording outcomes of unit enrolments