How To Search for a Sales Application

Once a Sales Application has been created you can use Filtered Lists and other search functionalities to narrow down your search result.

LEARN MORE: Filtered Lists and Other Search Functionalities

NOTE: The Application page shows all Applications, even Applications where the status is Accepted. An Accepted Application is the same as a Course Enrolment.


Navigate to LRM > Learners > Applications OR LRM > Sales > Applications
  1. These pages are the same and will show you a list of all Applications in the LRM.
  2. There are three views:
    1. Expanded List View
    2. List View
    3. Table View (default)
  3. Click on an icon to change the view.


Search for an Application

You can search for an Application in several different ways. You can use some or all of these methods at the same time to refine your results.

  1. In the Search Bar, you can search by:
    • Learner First Name
    • Learner Last Name
    • Learner Preferred Name
    • Learner Ref Internal
  2. For List and Expanded List views, use the Sort by dropdown menu to sort by:
    • Course Offer Code
    • Learner First Name
    • Expiry Date
    • Start Date
    • End Date
    • Application Created At
    • Last Modified
  3. For Table view, use the arrows next to the column header to sort by that column.
  4. Add one or more Filters to filter the list of Learners:
    • Click “Add Filter”
    • There are many fields you can filter by.
    • Fields you can filter by
      Agent Name
      Amount Due
      Application Created At
      Application Expiry Date
      Application Last Modified
      Application Status
      Application Status Reason
      Course Code
      Course Description
      Course Offer Code
      Course Offer Description
      End Date
      Enquiry Date
      Learner Email
      Learner First Name
      Learner Is Active
      Learner Last Name
      Learner Preferred Name
      Learner Ref External
      Learner Ref Internal
      Learner Target Group
      Open Opportunity Count
      Position Count
      Start Date
      Study Mode
      Tag Name
    • Optional: Click on the filter icon to save a filtered view.

Learn more about the different Search functionalities here: Search Functionalities in LRM.


See more information on a search result

In List View, click on a card to expand it and see:

  1. Start Date
  2. End Date
  3. Enquiry Date
  4. Expiry Date
  5. Amount Due
  6. Study Mode
  7. Agent
  8. Open Opportunities
  9. Tags

Click on the Student Number (in Table View) or the Learner’s name (in List and Expanded views) to take you to the Course Enrolment Dashboard page.

Click on the Offer Code (in Table View) or the Course Offer (in List and Expanded views) to take you to the Course Offer Detail page.