Search Functionalities in LRM

There are several functionalities available when searching data in LRM:

  1. The Search Box
  2. The Sort By Function
  3. Filters and Saved Views

Viewing Options in LRM

There are three views:

    1. Table View (default – shown here)
    2. Expanded List View
    3. List View

Click on an icon to change the view.


  1. Search results are shown grouped by 20 records per page. The total number of records is displayed at the top of the list.
  2. Use the pagination option to navigate across records. You can display more than 20 records per page by changing the # per page in the dropdown box

The Sort By function

For Table view, use the arrows to sort by column.

For List and Expanded List views, use the Sort by dropdown menu to sort by the fields shown in the dropdown box.


Use Filters to:

  • Filter records by specific fields and values
  • Review and discover records
  • Bulk update filtered records
  • Bulk send email
  • Export selected records to a range of export options

Save your filtered views by using the Saved View option. This is particularly useful if you frequently use filters.

The Filter functionality is available in:

  • Learner > Search
  • Learner >  Course Enrolments
  • Learner > Applications
  • Sales > Opportunities
  • Sales > Applications

How to Add a Filter

NOTE: Each LRM page with Filters has its own list of filterable fields. To find out more, refer to the Learn article for that specific page:

  1. How to search for a Learner
  2. How to search for a Course Enrolment
  3. How to search for a Sales Application


  1. Navigate to the relevant LRM page.
  2. Click on the Add Filter link.
    • A window will open.
    • Select the field you wish to filter by.
    • Depending on which field you select, more options will appear.
    • Use the options to specify what you are looking for.
  3.  Click Done.
    • Your filter will show on top of the filtered search results.
  4.  Click the Add Filter option again if you wish you add more filters.
  5. To remove a filter click on the red x.

The Saved View function

How to create a Saved View

Create a Saved View for a filter / set of filters that you frequently use.

  1. Add your filter(s).
  2. Click on the Saved Views icon.
  3. A pull-out drawer will open.
  4. Enter a Name for your Saved View.
  5. Click Add.
  6. Your new Saved View will appear under the Saved Views section.

NOTE: To access Saved Views, click on the Saved Views icon at any time.