Search Functionalities in LRM

This article is an introduction to the additional functionalities available when searching data in LRM, such as Filtered List and Sorting.

In LRM, by default, search results are shown grouped by 10 records per page. The total number of records is displayed at the top of the list, next to the Search box.

Use the pagination option at the bottom of the list to navigate across records. Otherwise, you can choose to display more than 10 records per page by changing the ‘# per page’ in the dropdown box provided.

The Search box

This option is pretty straightforward. Simply use the Search box to search for the record you are looking for. I.e. Learner, Course Enrolment, Application, Opportunity, etc.

The Sort By function

In Addition to the search results, you can use the Sort By option located above the list of records to narrow down your search from the existing options provided in the dropdown box.

The Filtered List function

The Filtered List function is designed to give you more control with how you interact with your data when conducting a search in LRM.

Save your filtered views, by using the Saved View option to avoid setting up the filters each time you visit the page. This is particularly useful if you frequently use common filters.

The functionality is currently available in the following Search sections of LRM:

  1. Learner > Course Enrolment
  2. Learner >  Applications
  3. Learner > Search (Coming Soon)
  4. Sales > Opportunities
  5. Sales > Applications

How to Add Filtered List and Save Filtered View

Use Filtered List to:

  • Filter records by specific fields and values
  • Review and discover records
  • Bulk update properties to filtered records
  • Bulk send email
  • Export selected records to a range of export options

NOTE: Each LRM page with Filtered List option has its own list of filtered values.

Adding Filtered List

  1. Navigate to the relevant LRM page, i.e.
    1. Learner > Course Enrolment
    2. Learner >  Applications
    3. Learner > Search (Coming Soon )
    4. Sales > Opportunities
    5. Sales > Applications
  2. By default the list shows all records on the page
  3. Click on the +Add Filter link
    1. An expanded window will open, giving you the following options:
      1. A Dropdown box to select a filter
      2. Value options to add more specifications to what you are looking for

 4. Click Done

    • You can now identify what filter(s) you have used for the records being displayed on the page

 5. Click the +Add Filter option again is you wish you add more filters

 6. To remove a filter click on the red x next to the relevant filter

Wisenet_Search Functionality_View Filter

Save Filtered Views

If you have a set of common filters that you will frequently use, the Saved Views feature is recommended.

  1. Once you have added your set of filters, click on the Saved Views icon
  2. On the Saved Views Slide-Out, enter a Name for the current filters. i.e. Training Plan Date and Course Code
  3. Click Add – Your Saved View will appear under the Saved Views section
  4. Click Apply – Your Saved Views is automatically saved
    1. If you refresh the page, you will see the saved filters automatically appears

Viewing your Search results

By default, your search results are listed in alphabetical order and only display the primary information related to each record.

Use the ‘Ascending/Descending’ icon if you want to change the order.

You can choose to view all records in an Expanded View by clicking on the ‘Expand’ icon. This will expand all the records in the list.

If you wish to only see a single record expanded, simply click on the ‘Expand’ icon next to the relevant record.

To go back to viewing all records in a ‘List View’, simply click on the ‘List’ icon.