Insight Into Invoice App

The Invoice App allows a customer to interact with any finance related document online. Whether it is a Quote, an Invoice or any other finance documents that is created in Wisenet and designed for your customers.

Customers are not required to log into the Invoice App. They simply open the link of the finance document from the email they received from you.

Some finance document links may expire after a certain period. For example, a Quote link is set to have an expiry date. If the customer did not interact with the Quote link, it will automatically mark the quote as Expired and the Quote link in the Invoice App will not longer work for the customer.

Get an Insight about how the Invoice App works below.

IMPORTANT! Customers need to have access to any internet connected device (desktop, tablet, smartphone) in order to view the email and the online link.


When a quote is issued and sent, the customer receives an email with a link to open and view the quote via the Invoice App.

For Quotes they can:

  • View the Quote
  • Accept / Decline the Quote
  • Download a PDF copy of the Quote to save and/or print


Online View

Below is an example of how the online quote looks for customers on the Invoice App.


Accept / Decline

Once the customer had the chance to review the quotation sent, they can click the green Accept button or the red Decline button to finalise their decision on the quote.

An Event Alert will appear on your Wisenet Dashboard about the customer’s interaction with the online quote.


Download PDF

If the customer would like to view the quote offline and save a copy of the quote, they may do so by downloading the online quote as a PDF.

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