How To Test Learncycle Activities

Before you create Learncycle Activities for your live Course Offers and Learners, we suggest that you do some testing with dummy Course Offers and Learners.

Before you begin:

Required Knowledge: Learncycle | Course Offer | Learners

Required LRM Access: Admin Only


Create a Dummy Course Offer

How to Add a Course Offer


Create a Test Learner

Create a test learner account with an email address you can access and enrol the test learner into the dummy course offer you created.

How to Add a Learner

How to Enrol a Learner into a Course Offer


Add Learncycle Activities

Once you have enrolled your test learner to the dummy course offer, put them through all the learncycle trigger conditions you can set.  The purpose of this is to check that each activity works as expected.  You may need to update your test Course Offer Learncycle as required.

How to Add Learncycle Activities


Test and Test Again

Test each learncycle activity to make sure that they are all working as expected and repeat until it’s just right.

Note that if you have messages scheduled for the future, you may not be able to test this all in one day.  However, you can set the message to send sooner and then change the settings for your real live course offer.

Warning, please note:
  • If you change the enrolment status back and forth, it can trigger the same Learncycle multiple times. Make sure your staff know this!
  • Changing the enrolment status back will not cancel out the previously triggered Learncycle activities!
Next Step
  • Add Learncycle Activities to your real live Course Offers and Learners
  • Make sure that your staff are all trained into how to set up Learncycle workflows
  • Learn more about how you can Import Learncycle Activities

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