Learncycle Examples

Each training provider has their own unique policies and processes. However, all Learners go through the same stages on their journey:

  1. Application
  2. Progression
  3. Completion

Below are examples of Learncycle Activities and Trigger Conditions you may use to automate each stage.

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Stage 1: Application

Learncycles streamline the Learner Application and Enrolment process and reduce the likelihood of errors and missed information. They can also create clarity on what needs to be completed at each step.

1.1 Enquiry

When a potential Learner enquires about a Course, use Learncycles to:

  • Record Learner details
  • Create Tasks with Notes
  • Save documents
  • Send follow-up email/SMS

1.2 Application Received

When an application is received, use Learncycles to:

  • Add/Update Learner
  • Follow up via email/SMS
  • Complete eligibility checks (LLN)
  • Process application as per compliance requirements
  • Generate and send Letter of Offer or Training Plan

1.3 Application Rejected

If an application is rejected, use Learncycles to:

  • Update Enrolment Status to Declined
  • Update Enrolment Status Reason
  • Send email advising of rejection

1.3 Application Accepted

If an application is accepted, use Learncycles to:

  • Update Course Enrolment Status to Current
  • Update Course Enrolment Status Reason
  • Send confirmation email
  • Schedule and send a Welcome email
  • Schedule Learner App Access
  • Update Course Enrolment details
  • Schedule and assign other administrative tasks

Stage 2: Progression

Use Learncycles in the Progression stage to schedule activities throughout the Learner’s enrolment, and ensure the Learner’s Course Enrolment details are up to date and correct.

2.1 Pre-Start

Before a Learner officially commences training/study, use Learncycles to:

  • Update Enrolment Status to Current
  • Update Enrolment Status Reason
  • Create Tasks to:
    • Schedule to call the Learner
    • Collect additional compliance details if required
  • Enable Learner App access
  • Create a task to generate a student card
  • Enable Elearning Access
  • Sync Learner to Xero
  • Send an SMS to the Learner with training details such as venue details, orientation date, etc.
  • Generate and send the Learner their Timetable, Training Plan, Welcome Letter, etc.

2.2 In training

While a Learner is engaged in study/training, use Learncycles to:

  • Schedule Tasks to
    • Monitor Learner progression
    • Make follow up calls / meetings
  • Send progression emails or surveys
  • Generate and email documents/uReports such as Transcript, attendance warning letter
  • Send SMS about reminders i.e. holiday notifications
  • Update Enrolment Status and Enrolment Status Reasons as required during progress i.e. Term 1 Midway
  • Update Unit Enrolment Outcome and/or Result

Note: Not all Learners will progress at the same stage. Therefore, some administrative tasks will need to be completed individually per Learner or in bulk for multiple enrolments.

Stage 3: Completion

Use Learncycles in the Completion stage to streamline certification, update Learner records, and automate future marketing.

3.1 Course Enrolment Ends

When a Course Enrolment ends, use Learncycles to:

  • Update Course Enrolment Status
    • E.g. Completed, Withdrawn, Cancelled, Transferred
  • Update Course Enrolment Status Reason
    • E.g. Survey required, Survey Sent, Credential issued, Inactive
  • Create Tasks to complete the Enrolment
  • Update Learner or Course Enrolment fields
  • Update Unit Enrolment Outcome and/or Result
  • Generate key reports
  • Email or SMS survey link
  • Generate, issue and email credentials
  • Disable Learner App access
  • Disable Elearning Access
  • Set Learner to Inactive
  • Send farewell email

3.2 Rebook & Reconnect

After a Learner has finished training/study, use Learncycles to:

  • Schedule x days after the Course Enrolment End Date to
    • Send emails
      • Remind Learner to renew their qualification
      • Show the Learner other qualifications they might be interested in
      • Obtain Employment Study Outcomes
    • Create follow up tasks

If you are ready to get started with adding Learncycles, the next step from here is to follow the Best Practice and Go Live! resource article and to use these examples as a reference guide when you are adding Learncycles.