How To Set Up Venue Or Classroom Custom Dropdown

Venues / Classrooms can be added to:

  • Notify Learners of locations
  • Used in Timetables
  • Book classrooms for delivery
  • Welcome Letters to notify Learners where training will occur

Required LRM Access: Owner, Admin


Navigate to LRM > Settings


Create Dropdown List to Add a Venue
  1. From the Configuration widget click Venues / Classrooms
  2. Click Add New Option
    • NOTE: The form to fill for the new option will open at the end of any current list of venues/classrooms. If you have a long list, simply scroll to the bottom of the list.
  3. Fill out the fields :
    • Description: Enter the description that you wish to appear in the dropdown list. Refer to the Naming Convention in the ‘INFO’ section below for further help with description.
    • Address details: Optional
    • Telephone: Optional
    • Room number: Optional
    • Fee: Optional
    • Contact Name: Optional
    • Notes: Use to record type of room (eg. General, Kitchen, Salon, PC Lab etc)
    • Capacity: Maximum number of students that the room can hold
    • How to get there: Optional
    • Is Active? : Untick to ‘decommission’ a venue
  4. Update
  5. Repeat until you have added all required Venues / Classrooms in your Dropdown list
Naming Conventions

List the campus/suburb/town name, then the room name:

  • Hamilton – Room 102
  • Hamilton – Room 202
  • Richmond – Room 102
  • Richmond – Room 203

Deliver in multiple states or regions? List state or region at the start of the venue name

  • NSW – Richmond – Room 102
  • Wimmera – Horsham – Blue Room
  • Auckland – Whenuapai – Kitchen 1


  • To Be Determined: to indicate that a room has not yet been decided
  • External or Off Campus: for external or other locations
  • Webinar license: using Webinars for delivery. Create a venue for each license
  • Workplace or School: delivery at these locations

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