How To Add Sales Contact

A Sales Contact is the person’s record and the Sales Contact must be unique by Email address.

Contacts can be linked to:

  • A Workplace
  • An Agent
  • A Learner


Navigate to Sales


  • On the Left Navigation Bar, click Sales Contacts
  • On the Top Right, click Add Contact
  • Select the Contact Type, whether Contact is a:
    • Learner, or
    • Workplace, or
    • Agent
  • Fill all other relevant fields
  • Click Submit


  • Learners are auto linked to Sales Contact based on Email address
  • The email field must be completed for all Contact and must be unique. If they have a Wisenet Portal Login this email must be EXACTLY the same
  • If an email already exists:
    • either, obtain a unique email address
    • or, leave it blank


Attach Records/Link to Related Record

You are able to upload any documents that are relevant to the Sales contact.

We recommend that you upload all documents that are required for auditing purposes such as:

  • Qualifications and Certificates
  • CV / Resumes
  • Working with Children / Minors checks
  • Police checks

File notes enable you at attach records to Sales contact. Learn more about File Notes  

Use Checklists to keep track of contact files.

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