File Notes

Introducing File Notes

File Notes let you log any information about a record such as general notes, logging calls / interactions, uploading documents, and generating document using uReport. They can contain rich text, images and web links and you can upload up to 10 files per File Note. You can add File Notes at a Learner level, Course Enrolment level and Unit Enrolment level.

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How to View File Notes


File Notes can be viewed in all main sections of Wisenet under the Logbook feature.

However, depending on your security role (User access level), you may not have access to all these sections for logbook.

  • User, Student Support and Trainers cannot remove attached documents. However, they can download the files AND upload new ones.
  • Guests  cannot view/edit logbook details
  • Trainers cannot edit file notes as only Admin Users can do this.  Trainers can edit tasks that are assigned to them, so if, your workflow requires trainers to update documents or descriptions then we recommend using Tasks instead.For a Trainer to view file notes, ALL these must be true:
    • Your Wisenet Portal Settings allow trainers to view Learner logbook entries
    • The file note is in the Learner, Course Enrolment or Unit Enrolment logbook
    • The file note has Trainer Can See ticked
    • The trainer has been configured to at least one of the Learner’s course or unit enrolments

Specific to individual roles, see how to view File Notes below:

Via Wisenet LRM

  • All Users with access to the LRM can view File Notes in Wisenet. From all main sections of the LRM, e.g. Learners, Course Offer, etc, simply click on Logbook from the Left Navigation Bar and this will generate records of all File Notes

Via Trainer App

  • Trainers have the option to add File Notes against the Learners they are training.  They do so in the Trainer App and this function needs to be set by Admin for Trainers to view File Notes which then allows them to add File Notes through the Trainer App
  • PLEASE NOTE: This will only work if Trainer View Logbook is also switched on

Via Learner App

  • Only Learners, Course Enrolment and Organisation documents will be visible in Learner App. Learners can see only specific uploaded documents in their client record if the setting is switched on and the document is marked
  • If File Notes don’t have attachments, they will not display, even when you tick ‘Learner can see’
  • Learner can only see the attachment on the File Note under Documents tab in Learner App

How to Add a File Note

File Notes let you record any information from uploaded files to portfolio links; to scanned documents; to generated uReports. You can create a File Note manually or automatically.

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