Form Management: Field Groups

Below is a list of all Field Groups to refer to when building an Application Form in LRM.

About Address Group

Each country using Sales+ Form has a set of address fields that are unique to the country’s requirement. To make it easy for our Sales+ customers, we have created an Address Group feature in Form Management so you can apply the correct address fields to Application Forms.

In LRM>Settings>Form Management, when creating a new Application Form or, when updating an existing one, click Add Field Group and then select an Address Group from the available list.

Additionally, an Address Group can be set as a Primary Address Group to allow applicants to copy address fields on the Application Form.

LEARN MORE: Setting Up Primary Address Group

Refer to the table below to see the address fields that are grouped for each country.

Setting Up a Primary Address Group

In Form Management, setting up an Address Group as Primary will provide applicants with the option to copy the same address fields to other address groups. This is beneficial if you have multiple address groups showing on your Application Form.

There are a number of important considerations to follow if you wish to use this feature correctly. The importance of them means a better user experience for applicants and the form being completed accurately.


Please consider the following before you proceed with setting up a Primary Address Group:

  1. Do you have multiple Address Groups to add to the Application Form?
    1. NO – Primary Address Group is not recommended.
    2. YES – Consider Point 2 below
  2. Will the Address Groups share similar fields?
    1. NO – Primary Address Group is not recommended as it will only work if you are copying similar fields to the next Address Group(s).
    2. YES – Proceed with using Primary Address Group after considering Points 3, 4 and 5 below
  3. Before adding the Address Group to Form Management, decide which Address Group will be the Primary one. Then add it as the first Address Group on the Form
    • This means that the first Address Group that the applicant sees is the one where data will be copied from.
  4. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to set Primary Address Group as a ‘Required’ field
    1. This is a crucial step. If missed during the Form creation/editing process, and if an applicant skips the set of address fields that you have set as primary, but uses the ‘Copy Address” option on the Application Form, it will copy blank fields on the Form.
  5. Create a dummy/test Application Form to see how the above will work on a dummy/test course before adding this feature to a public Application Form


We have broken down Address Groups into two categories for you to know which ones share similar fields.


The following 3 Address Groups in CATEGORY A contain similar fields:
1. Learner Permanent Address
2. Learner Street Address
3. Learner Postal Address


The following 3 Address Groups in CATEGORY B contain similar fields:
1. Learner Overseas Address
2. Learner International Next of Kin
3. Learner Local Next of Kin

NOTE!: Only one Address Group can be set as Primary. If you are using both sets on an Application Form, be mindful that if the applicant chooses to ‘Copy Address’ for one of the Address Groups that does not fall into the category that contains the Primary Address Group, they may end up with blank fields.

  1. Navigate to LRM > Settings
  2. In the Configuration Box, click on Form Management
  3. EITHER Add a new Form OR Edit the relevant existing Form
  4. Hover on the + icon on the Form and select Add Field Group
    • Remember the first Address Group you add should be the one that is set as Primary
  5. Once added, hover on the field and click on the Edit icon
  6. On the ‘Field Options’ pull-out form, tick the Primary Address Group checkbox
  7. On the ‘Field Options’ pull-out form, tick the Required checkbox
  8. Optional: Update the Display Name and/or add Additional Info if needed
  9. Clicking out of the pull-out form will register the editing you did to that field
  10. You should now see the text ‘Primary Address Group’ in brackets next to that field
  11. Add the additional Address Group(s) as needed
  12. Once the Form is ready to be saved, click Save
Wisenet_LRM_Form Management_Address Group