Move Logbook

What is Move Logbook

The Move Logbook feature allows you to move Logbook Entries from a Course Enrolment into the Learner Logbook.

The main purpose of this feature is to give you the ability to delete a Course Enrolment without having to delete and lose all logbook entries that were against that Course Enrolment.

To use the Move Logbook feature in Wisenet, you need to have either Owner or Admin access.

Using Move Logbook

Here are some scenarios of When To and When Not To use the Move Logbook feature.

  When a Course Offer is being cancelled and Course Enrolments are being removed from the Course Offer.

  When a Course Enrolment has been accidentally enrolled into the wrong Course Offer.

  When an Application has been accidentally enrolled into the wrong Course Offer.


   When a Course Enrolment has Unit Outcomes that have been reported for AVETMISS.

   When a Course Enrolment has been finalised (Completed, Withdrawn, Cancelled).

How to Move Logbook Entries

The Move Logbook feature can only be accessible in the Course Enrolment Logbook section of Wisenet.

CAUTION! Move Logbook Entries is NOT reversible.


The Move Logbook feature:

  • Should only be used if you are closing out the Course Enrolment.
  • Will move all Logbook Entries from a Course Enrolment into the Learner’s Logbook.


Navigate to the respective Course Enrolment Logbook page.


On the top right corner of the page, click on Action and click Move Logbook Entries.

NOTE: Move Logbook Entries will only appear in the Action Menu IF the Course Enrolment has 1 or more logbook entries recorded.


Clicking on Move Logbook Entries will open a ‘caution’ pop-up message. It is important that you read the message carefully before you proceed.

REMEMBER! Once you click on Proceed, this action CANNOT be reversed!


Check Learner Logbook

The Logbook Entries being moved may take a few minutes to reflect. Once all the entries have been moved, the page will still be accessible, however it will be empty with no logbook activities showing.

From the Course Enrolment Logbook page, on the left navigation bar, click of Learner Logbook to navigate to the Learner Logbook page to see all the Course Enrolment Logbook Entries now showing in the Learner Logbook.

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