Managing FEE HELP Enrolments

Manage Deferrals

Depending on the circumstances of the Deferral, you should choose the following:

  1. Update the Unit of Study completion statuses to withdrawn/unconfirmed making it non-reportable.
  2. Amend the Unit of Study enrolment census dates appropriately.
  3. Unenrol the Learner from the current Unit of Study and re-enrol into the future Unit of Study.
Manage Withdrawals

Depending on the circumstances of the withdrawal, you should choose the following options for the UoSr completion statuses:

  • 1 – Withdrew without penalty – the ‘penalty’ here refers to academic penalty. A Learner who withdraws after the census date will almost always have financial penalty. Therefore, the Learner incurs financial but no academic penalty.
  • 2 – Failed – If the Learner incurs both financial and academic penalty then this status is selected
  • 9 – Withdrew under special circumstances – If the Learner withdraws after the census date but for some reason neither academic nor financial penalties apply and you are not reporting this enrolment to the government then this status is selected
Managing Resits

Depending on the circumstances of the Resits, you should update the current Unit of Study completion statuses to failed/withdrawn appropriately.

FEE HELP Unit of Study Fee Calculation Rules

Note that it is not possible to change the Full Fee / RPL Fee when there are enrolments in a unit of study. This is because every student in a particular unit of study must be charged the same fee or RPL fee.

  1. When the Enrolment Status = 250 / 260 / 261 / 262 / 270 / 271 / 310 / 311 / 320 / 330 / 341 THEN all amounts should = 0
    • This is based on FH Validation Rules Rule 4109 and Rule 1409
  2. FHLoanFeePercentage is based on tbl_wisenet_course.FHCourseTypeID
    • When FHCourseTypeCode (Course section) = 08, 09, 10, 20, 21, 22, 41,13 then the FHLoanFeePercentage = 25%
    • ELSE FHLoanFeePercentage = 0%
  3. FHTotalAmountCharged
    • Is Client FHAcceptedCreditRPL True?
      • Yes THEN use the UoS.FHCreditRPLFee
      • No THEN use the UoS.FullFee
  4. Calculations
    • FHUpfrontPayment and FHEmployerContribution are editable
    • and FHLoanAmount = FHTotalAmountCharged – FHUpfrontPayment – FHEmployerContribution
    • and FHLoanFee = FHLoanAmount * FHLoanFeePercentage
    • and FHHELPDebt = FHLoanFee + FHLoanAmount

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