How To Set up Learner Access

Learner App access can be set for a single learner or for multiple learners.  In the process of enabling Learner App access you can select which Course Offers you want Learners to be able to see. Learner App access can always be viewed per Learner by going to the Learner Profile screen and selecting Learner App in the left navigation.

Before you begin

Required Knowledge: Learner App

Required LRM Access: Admin

Required Pre-Steps: Set up the password email templates and post the link to the Learner Portal on your website


Enable, Modify or Disable Learner App Access
  1. Navigate to LRM > Clients
  2. Open the relevant Learner’s record and check that they have an email address entered (update this if it is not entered)
  3. On the Left Navigation Bar, Click Learner App
  4. In the Learner App Settings section, switch Learner app access to Yes
  5. Enter an Expiry Date
  6. In the Access per course Enrolment section, switch Learner App Access to Yes against the Course Enrolment(s) you wish the Learner to be able to view online
  7. From the Action Menu, Select Send Invitation and this will send an email with the Learner’s login details to the Learner
    • Note: If this option is greyed out you might still need to configure the Learner App message template in Settings > Email Templates section
    • If you have already set up a Learncycle Activity  to automatically send an invite when Learner App access is switched to Yes, then you do NOT have to re-send an invitation at Step 7
  1. Navigate to LRM > Course Offer
  2. Open the relevant Course Offer
  3. On the Left Navigation Bar, Click Enrolments
  4. Select the relevant learners
  5. In the Action Menu under the student listing, select Manage Learner App and eLearning Access
  6. Modify the default settings as required.
    • For specific date access select Custom
  7. Click Save – the emails with the password will now be sent


  • If you have ELearning Integration on, you can enable ELearning access at the same time if required
  • If you need to disable Learner App and/or Elearning access, simply switch the access to No

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How to Edit Learner App Username (if required)

The Learner App Username can be edited separately from the Learner’s email address.

This information is useful if you wish the Learner to have a different Username than their email address. We recommend however that you try to keep them both the same value.

  1. Navigate to LRM > Clients and Search for the relevant Learner
  2. On the Left Navigation Bar, Click on Learner App
  3. Update the Learner App Username by either:
    • clicking Change next to the Username, or
    • click on Action and select Edit user detail
  4. Either:
    • Tick the tickbox if you want to use the new email address as the new username, or
    • Type a new usename in the username box
  5. Click Save


After you change the email address or username for a Learner, this will likely change their Learner App login. You could consider messaging them to advise of the potential impact.

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