How To Set Up your Learner App

There are three fundamental steps to setting up your Wisenet Learner App and these steps must be done by the Portal Administrator with LRM Owner role access level.  When first testing the Learner App these setting steps are optional, however we advise to play with the settings to understand what is available.

Required Access: Portal Admin and LRM Owner


Select your Learner App Settings

Before you begin, choose what Learners can and can’t view, as well as, whether or not they can update their contact and their next of kin details.

Learner App Settings


Set Up your Learner App Password Email Template

Set up the email templates that are required for the Learner App to function. These include:

  • New Learner App Invitation
  • Learner App Password Reset
  • Learner App Changed Details (when a Learner updates their personal details)

To do this you need to go to have LRM Owner access.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Configuration > Email Templates
  2. Here you will find the 3 Learner App templates messages
  3. By default they are inactive.
  4. Open each template in edit mode and review content before setting the template to active
    1. You can retrieve the Learner App URL by clicking on the Learner App icon in your Wisenet Portal Profile page

Learn More? How to Create and Edit a Message Template | How to see Messages sent to a Learner from Wisenet

NOTE: Password must be 10 characters minimum, and contain 1 lowercase, 1 uppercase, 1 number and 1 special character.


Test your Learner login settings

Your Wisenet LRM User login is different to the Learner app login. So you are not able to test your Learner app settings with your regular Wisenet account. Instead you need to create a test Learner account:

  1. Set up a test Learner by adding a new Learner in your Wisenet application
    • Note: Make sure you enter an email address that you have access to
  2. Give the test Learner (that you have set up) access to the Learner app
    1. Need help? How to Enable Access to the Learner App
  3. Send the test Learner an invitation to access the Learner app
    • You will receive this email at the address you used in Step 1
  4. Follow the instructions in the email to log in and see what a Learner would see


Post the Learner App Link on your website
  1. Post the URL link you retrieved in Step 2 for your Learners on your website
    • We recommend that you ask your web developer or IT personnel to post the URL on the front of your website under a customised button or link.  Examples of how you can word the button / link:
      • Learner App Login
      • Learner Login
      • Login to Learner App

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