How To Merge Staff Records

If a Staff member has been recorded twice into the system it is important that they are merged under the one record.

  • move all the associated records with the duplicate record into the original record
  • mark the duplicate record adding the word ‘MERGED’ to the last name
  • set the duplicate record as Inactive

IMPORTANT NOTE! Merging is permanent and cannot be undone.

Required LRM Access: Admin

Required Pre-Steps: Invite User, Add Staff


Navigate to  LRM > Staff


Select Staff
  1. Go to relevant Staff Profile
  2. Click Action and then Merge Staff
  3. This will then prompt and automatic search for duplicate records. You can manually enter Search Criteria also.


Compare Records
  1. Click Compare to compare records against each other such as; Name, email, mobile etc
  2. The Staff record to be merged or kept can be changed by clicking on the change arrow
  3. Select Merge to confirm

Once the merge process is complete, the record that is kept inherits all permissions from the merged Staff as follows:

  • General settings – Assessor, Coordinator, Trainer, Sales Person checkbox
  • All staff logbook records.
  • Rates configured
  • Courses and Units configured, number of Units enrolled
  • All Checklist items configured for that Staff.
  • CRM Opportunities configured.
  • The Tasks assigned to the merged Staff, will be assigned to the Staff that has been retained and appears on their Dashboard.
  • The Trainer and Coordinator configured to the merged staff in a Timetable or Class, will be assigned to the retained staff, after the merge.
  • The trainer, assessor and coordinator value of the merged staff in the Course, Course and Unit Offers, Course and Unit Enrolments will be replaced by the Staff that will be retained.