How To Add, Edit or Tag Units

Units require some degree of modification for compliance and reporting purposes. Even if Units are imported through Scope Import they will need to be edited to avoid errors in Unit Offers

Before you begin:

Required Knowledge: Units

Required LRM Access: Admin

Required Pre-Steps: Check that you have not already added the Course; How to Import Your ScopeDifferent Course Types


Add a Unit

The steps for setting up a new Course are the same regardless of the type of Course you are adding; however, the fields that you complete will vary.

  1. On the Top Navigation Bar click Courses & Units
  2. Left Navigation Bar click Add Unit
  3. When the Unit page opens, choose the Course and enter all details
  4. Save

Unit Field Guidelines


Edit a Unit
  1. In the Top Navigation Bar click Courses & Units
  2. Search Enter part or all of the Unit Code or Name
  3. Click on the relevant Unit Code
  4. Edit
  5. Update the details
  6. Save


Tag Units as Core or Elective

For a single Unit follow the Edit a Unit instructions above

  1. Open relevant Course
  2. On the left menu, click Unit Type Update
  3. On the drop down list, select Undefined
  4. Tag core units: select your core units by pressing the Ctrl key and click on the relevant units, then click Core
  5. Tag elective units: select your elective Units, then click Elective
  6. Select all remaining units and click General
  1. Mark the Units that you deliver as ‘Core’ or ‘Elective’
  2. Mark the Units that you DO NOT deliver as ‘General’This has many benefits including:
  • Easy selection of Units when setting up Course Offers
  • The ability to run Reports on just the Units that you deliver for data integrity checking purposes
  • Indicate Core or Elective Unit Enrolments in a student Training Plans, Course Offer and Learner Enrolment Reports

Note: We strongly recommend that you do not leave any Units as ‘undefined’


Add & Update Elements (Optional)

You can use the Element section to record elements or to record other data such as assessment attempts for the Unit.

How to Add and Edit Unit Elements


Link Staff (Optional)

This is an optional step at this stage but is recommend for Compliance purposes

How to Link Staff to Courses and Units

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