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Managing opportunities can be achieved in the Sales section of Wisenet.

An Opportunity can be recorded against either a Learner or a Workplace and assigned to a Staff member as an Owner.


  • Manage information at a company or individual level
  • Track business leads
  • Execute marketing programs
  • Grow sales
  • Retain customers
  • Create custom business applications

 How does it work?

Understand how the Sales functionality in Wisenet will help track business leads for your organisation.

Introducing Sales

Customise your Sales fields before you can add Opportunity Checklists and create your Sales Staff/Owners.

How To Set Up Sales Custom Dropdowns
How To Add Opportunity Checklists
How To Create Sales Staff/Owners

Correctly managing Opportunities in Sales will help with easy and accurate reporting in the future.

How To Create, Update and View Opportunities

How to View and Update Opportunities against Records

There are a number of reports available in the Sales category of Report.

Sales Reports

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