Learncycles – Best Practice and Go Live!

Learncycles need to be carefully configured to ensure the automation does not accidentally trigger undesired activities. Follow the instructions below.

Required LRM Access: Admin

Quick Tip: Open this Use Case Scenario resource and have it side by side as a reference guide when you are adding your Learncycles.


Diagram first

Draw a flow chart of a process within your business, for example, Enrolment.

You may like to consider these questions:

  • What tasks and subprocesses happen?
  • Do you have Email message and document templates for each step?
  • To what extent are you free to change these processes?
  • What stakeholders need to be consulted?

Learn More? Enrolment Status


Learncycle Activities
  1. For the processes diagramed from Step 1, decide which ones you think are best fitted for automation
    • If you can already imagine how to set up the learncycle activity, you’re probably on the right track
  2. Draw or write how the activities would be set up
    • Trigger condition, activity type, activity settings
    • e.g. When Enrolment Status is pending and Enrolment Status Reason is ‘Letter of Offer’, generate a uReport with Letter of Offer template and send email to learner immediately using ‘LoO’ message template
    • Use sticky notes and put your activities on your process diagram


Set Up a Sandpit
  1. Create a dummy Course Offer and ensure that it is linked to a Test List
    • See instructions on how to create and use Lists
  2. Create a Learncycle and add activities
    • Choose your required Trigger Conditions and ensure that it has an Audience of the Test List as this will ensure that the Learncycle will work in the isolated environment
    • Add the required activities against the Learncycle
  3. Create a test Learner account with an email address you can access
  4. Enrol your test Learner into your Course Offer, and put them through all the Learncycle Trigger Conditions


  1. Test and check that each Learncycle and Activity fires as expected
    • NOTE: If you have Learncycles scheduled for the future, you may not be able to test this all in one day. However, you can set the Learncycles to send sooner by ensuring that your test enrolments have dates that align with your test Learncycles
  2. Update your test data as required and keep testing until the Learncycles are outputting the expected results
Warning, please note:
  • When you use the trigger condition – Course Enrolment is Created, changing enrolment statuses back and forth will trigger the same Learncycle multiple times
  • Similarly if dates are changed, then a scheduled Learncycle will be triggered each time the trigger conditions are met. For eg: Changing Course enrolment start date multiple times.
Go Live!
  1. Set Up your Course Offers to have Lists
  2. Create your Learncycles
  3. Educate your staff on the new processes

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