How To Create, Edit and View Opportunities

Correctly managing Opportunities in Sales will help with easy and accurate reporting in the future.

Before you begin:

Required Knowledge: Sales | Workplaces

Required Pre-Steps: Sales Set Up


Add a New Opportunity
  1. Navigate to Sales
  2. On the Left Navigation Bar, Click Opportunities
  3. Click Action and Select Add
  4. Select if the Opportunity is for a Client or a Workplace
  5. Search for the Client or Workplace.
    • If the Client / Workplace exists, then Click on Select
    • If the Client / Workplace does not exist, Click on Add New
      • Note: If adding new client or workplace, you will need to complete some basic contact information. It is important for the information is accurate for future reporting purposes.
  6. Click Save


(Optional) View, Edit or Delete Opportunities if Required
  1. Navigate to Sales
  2. On the Left Navigation Bar, Click Opportunities
    • Note: You can use the Filters to reduce the results returned or for quick lists
  3. To View:
    • Click on the Description to open and view the Opportunity
  4. To Edit:
    • On the Right Hand Side of the Description, Click on the Edit Icon (the Tickbox)
  5. To Remove:
    • On the Right Hand Side of the Description, Click on the Delete Icon (the Red X)
  6. After any updates, Click Save
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