How To Submit TAMS (RAPT) Export

This article should contain everything you need to setup, manage and complete TAMS (RAPT) reporting in Wisenet.

As per the specifications you are required to complete this reporting on a monthly basis. 

Before you begin:

Required Knowledge: Future Skills WA for VET Providers, TAMS (RAPT)

Required Pre-Steps: Set up your Course Offers and Enrolments to cater for TAMS (RAPT) Contract and requirements


The information provided is based on our interpretations of the requirements. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are compliant. If you have any concerns or suggestions please contact us.


Navigate to LRM


Successful TAMS (RAPT) Reporting

Each Tab represents a different stage in your TAMS (RAPT) reporting. Click on each Tab for instructions on what needs to be completed for successful reporting.

If you are required to complete RAPT reporting, it is important that you incorporate specific RAPT field collection and processes into your Course Offer, Learner and Enrolment setup.  Spending a little more time up front can save a lot of time later.

Learn More about Field Guidelines

Before you can set up for correct reporting you need to understand the reporting requirements especially surrounding what data collection is required.

TAMS (RAPT) File Guidelines outlines each field that is in the RAPT files and provides required information regarding collection and location in Wisenet.

Data Integrity Reports

While this is not strictly required, it is however recommended, as it allows you to proactively complete your data integrity checks to ensure

  • The right amount of data is being reported
  • There isn’t any incorrect data

To do this, generate Report 0299 Unit Enrolment Summary and filter by Course Offer. This will show you all the details and contracts against enrolments.

How to Generate a Basic Report

Common Issues

Fields that can cause errors and that require updates are:

Once you have identified fields that require changes this has been completed your updates can be performed in bulk.

How to Bulk Update

You can create a Task in Wisenet to help keep track of when reports need to be created.

How to create a Task

Alternatively, you can subscribe to a report.

How to subscribe to a Report

Run RAPT Export

  1. Go to Top Navigation Bar and select Reports
  2. On the Side Navigation Bar select Exports
  3. Then choose AVETMISS Export
  4. Tick State, then select State WA and Next 
  5. Select relevant Contracts
  6. Start
  7. Once your export has generated you will need to upload to RTONet and follow steps in section 2.4 RAPT Guide 2017. Make sure both Enrolment and Student files are submitted.

After Submission

After your export has been submitted there may still be errors.

These errors descriptions and how to fix them can be found on the TAMS (RAPT) Error code page

These can be fixed in two ways:

  1. Individually. Go into each individual record and amend the field
  2. Multiple. If there are many records with the same error these can potentially be fixed by performing a bulk update. How to Bulk Update

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