TAMS (RAPT) File Guidelines

Quick Tip

The quickest way to find your error code is to type it into the Search function just above the table.

Read the last column How to Fix for where you can find the solution in Wisenet.

An Enrolment will only appear in the Enrol RAPT File when:

  • Course Enrolment
    • For Avetmiss Export is True
  • Unit Enrolment
    • Start and End Dates are set
    • For AVETMISS is True
    • Contract Code match export selection

Data Check

Generate Report 0299 Unit Enrolment Summary and filter by Course . This will show you all the details and contracts against enrolments.

A Learner will only appear in the Student RAPT File when:

Unit Enrolment Fields:

  • There is a matching Student record in the Enrolment RAPT file

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