How To Add a File Note

File Notes let you record any information from uploaded files to portfolio links to scanned documents to generated uReports. You can create a File Note manually or automatically.  To create a file automatically simply use Learncycle to automatically generate a uReport and save it as a file note when a course enrolment meets your custom trigger conditions.  When you generate a Course Enrolment uReport, it will save as a Course Enrolment File Note.

NOTE: Internet Explorer does not support the ‘drag and drop’ functionality in Wisenet. Please use another browser to use this features.


Add a File Note
  1. Choose where you want to add a File Note by navigating to any of the following locations:
    • Learner Profile
    • Any logbook:
      • Learner, Course enrolment, Unit Enrolment
      • Course, Unit, Course Offer, Unit Offer
      • Agent, Opportunity, Organisation, Workplace, Staff
  2. Click the top right hand Action button and select Add File Note


Add details
  1. Give your file note a name
  2. Optionally, add further details:
    • A rich text description
    • Use the Insert Media option to attach files, up to 10 MB each, of any of these file types
    • In Learner or Course Enrolment or Unit Enrolment logbook, whether learner can see attached documents – and dates
      • Learners cannot see the whole file note at this time but you can optionally display all the attached documents
    • In Learner, Course Enrolment or Unit Enrolment logbook, whether trainer can see (see note below)
    • In Organisation logbook, whether attached documents will display for online enrolment as terms and conditions (visible in online enrolment)
    • In Organisation logbook, whether attached documents will display to learners as policy documents (learners can see)



Your note will be saved against this record and visible in the Logbook list


Depending on your security role, you may not have access to all these sections for logbook.  For example, Trainers cannot edit file notes as only Admin Users can do this.  Trainers can edit tasks that are assigned to them, so if, your workflow requires trainers to update documents or descriptions then we recommend using Tasks instead.

For a Trainer to view file notes, ALL these must be true:

  • Your Wisenet Portal Settings allow trainers to view client logbook entries
  • The file note is in the Client, Course Enrolment or Unit Enrolment logbook
  • The file note has Trainer Can See ticked
  • The trainer has been configured to at least one of the client’s course or unit enrolments