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Introducing Provider Information Request (PIR)

The Provider Information Request (PIR) is a request for information under Section 28 of the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency Act 2011 (TEQSA Act). The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) uses this information to minimise the reporting burden on providers associated with regulatory processes, such as renewal of registration.

As a Higher Education Provider you are required to report on both Student and Staff data. Before you begin, learn about:

Set Up

How does the TCSI Integration work?

Once connected the TCSI process automatically syncs your VSL and HE data to TCSI. There are also manual sync options and tools to help you monitor the sync process. 

Explore in detail how the TCSI Integration works.

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How to Integrate with TCSI?

Providers that are new to TCSI just need to Connect PRODA and begin collecting TCSI Data.

Providers who were previously reporting data to HEPCAT need to Transition to TCSI. This is a one time process.

Mark Courses as FEE HELP Eligible

Prior to creating Course Offers you need to indicate which Courses are for TEQSA Data reporting. In Wisenet, you will need to mark the courses as FEE HELP eligible to enable the PIR Data fields.

How to Mark your FEE HELP Courses

Set Up Course Offers

Adding a Course Offer for TEQSA PIR Reporting follows the same process however, ensure that any additional fields are entered and the Course Offer Name and Code is easily identified as TEQSA PIR Reporting.

Add a Course Offer

Units of Study is important for TEQSA PIR Reporting delivery as it allows for groups of Units by semester or by trimester based on your delivery.

Add Units of Study

Enrol Learners

Follow the steps for enrolling a learner ensuring that all relevant fields for PIR reporting have been completed.

How to Enrol a Learner

Learn More? PIR TCSI File Guidelines


Monitor and Update Learner Progress

Learn how the Enrolments work in Wisenet and How to Edit Unit of Study Enrolments.

Prepare for Reporting

IMPORTANT: As a Higher Education Provider you are required to report on Staff data.

PIR Staff Reporting

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