November 2017 Release Notes

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Major Release. Important Information

It has been a busy month preparing for November Release. There have been a lot of changes. Please read all details. 

  • Timetables 
  • Reports
  • Credentials
  • UIP
  • End of Year AVETMISS Reporting
  • PIR Reporting
  • 20 Years of Wisenet!
  • Heaps More!

Bug Fixes

There are a stack of bug fixes in this release.  If you have logged one, we will contact you personally.


This  month we have two webinars. If  you missed Learner App or would like to see any previous videos please go to Webinars and Videos

Upcoming Webinars 

  • November Release Overview 4th Dec Register
  • End of year Funded Data Check Webinar, 5th Dec. Register
  • End of year NCVER Data Check Webinar, 18th Jan, 2018 Register

All Countries

Improvements to Bulk Updates

Same functionality, but you will notice these changes:


  • improved ease of use for field selection

New Fields

  • to incorporate AV8 fields and general additions

Learn more: How to Bulk Update


Class Attendance StatusHow Attendance is now CalculatedLearner App Timetable

What has changed? 

  1. Invited changed to Enrolled
  2. Accepted changed to Attended
  3. Added Absent
  4. Added Medical Leave 
  5. Added Approved Leave

Why did we change this? 

  • Simplifies marking attendance
  • More accurate reporting
  • Will make reading attendance reports easier

What does this mean for you? 

  • Any status that was previously Accepted has been changed to Attended
  • Enrolled is NOT included in % attendance
  • Only status Attended or Absent will now be included in attendance calculations


  • Any status that is ‘Attended’ and 0% attendance and the Class Start Date in the past is now set to Absent
  • Any class where the Class Start Date is in the future the status is set to Enrolled
    • Due to these changes you must update any incorrect ‘Absent’ status to correct value.

These changes were automatically updated to align with new Status Names and reports

For more detailed information see How to Mark or Edit Attendance and Attendance Reports

Due to the changes of Attendance Status the calculation logic has also changed to reflect this.

To discover more see  How Attendance is Calculated

To reflect these changes the Timetable in the Learner App now includes the new statuses. In addition we have included the Venue and Trainer. This will allow the learner to quickly identify where their class is taking place.


Credential Register Improvements 

  • Improved the functionality on the page for the Preview and Issue actions
    • Allows you to stay on one page rather than go back and forth. This makes it easier to follow the process
  • Changed the Issue options
    • You can now differentiate between a Final Qualification
    • Includes saving the Credential Number into the Parchment Number field in the Course Enrolment alongside the already stored Qual Issued Flag and Qual Issued Date. This is for AV8 compliance. 


The layout to the Reports page has changed. The functionality of the page has not changed we have simplified the steps to reduce confusion.

See the changes for yourself : LRM> Reports

Learn More: How to Generate a Report

What’s with the all Question Marks?

You will notice some orange question marks. These are here to give you more information. Click on them to discover more.


End of Year Reporting, Are You Ready?

As the year starts to come to an end it is important you are prepared for your end of year reporting. Luckily, Wisenet has you covered ?

Find out what you need to do and when to avoid a panic.

AVETMISS End of Year Reporting

Field Changes and Additions

We have added a number of fields to Wisenet for 2018 compliance updates and for general feature enhancements.

The following fields have been added to:

  • Specific add and edit pages
  • Any place where default values are set to save time
  • Any bulk update pages
AVETMISS 8 ReadyGeneralPIR Reporting
Action Required. All changes and updates have been recorded in our AVETMISS 8 article.

Other general field improvements have been added to:

  1. Orientation Date
    • Where: Course Enrolment
    • How to Use:
      • Used to identify when the Course has a defined Orientation Date
      • Can be reported on Letters of Offer or Welcome Letters in uReport
      • Set in Course Offer as a default value for newly created records
  2. Proposed Start and End Date
    • Where: Unit Enrolment
    • How To Use:
      • Used to define proposed dates for the Unit Enrolment. Then allows seeing the difference between proposed and actual dates.
      • Can be displayed on Training Plans
      • Will default to the Unit Offer Start and End dates on enrolment
      • Can be updated in bulk Unit Enrolment updates

Some new fields have been added for PIR

Fields Added

  • Estimated Yearly EFTSL
  • Commencing Student Identifier
  • Fee Type Indicator
    • Reported From: Course Enrolment
    • Where: Course Enrolment and Course Offer to allow for setting defaults for newly created records
    • How to Use:
      • PIR requirements
      • Bulk Update Course Enrolment actions
    • Reported From: Course Enrolment
    • Where: Course Enrolment and Course Offer to allow for setting defaults for newly created records
    • How  to Use:
      • PIR requirements
      • Bulk Update Course Enrolment actions
  • BH Broad Course Type ID
    • Reported From: Course
    • Where: Course
    • How  to Use:
      • PIR requirements

Fields Added Under Course Offer

  • Estimated Yearly EFTSL (default to Course Enrolment)
  • Commencing Student Identifier (default to Course Enrolment)
  • Fee Type Indicator (default to Course Enrolment)
  • Campus Operation Type
  • Domestic Student Fee
  • Offshore Delivery Indicator
  • Offshore Delivery Mode

Learn More: PIR 


Contracts have changed to include Start and End date. Wisenet recommends for reporting purposes that each year a new contract is created.

Benefit: This allows you to archive old contracts. Contracts dropdown will filter to only show active contracts based on current date making it easier to find.

Learn more: Edit a Contract

AVETMISS Export Changes

The correct export version will run based on the selected year

  • AV7 will generate if 2017 or earlier is selected
  • AV8 will generate if 2018 or later is selected
  • NSW export for 2018 will be simplified and only include Smart and Skilled reporting option
    • Select 2014 to view old APL Claiming screens

New Outcome Codes

New Outcome Codes for AVETMISS 8 (AU)

  • 41 – Incomplete due to RTO closure
  • 85 – Not yet started
    • Use of ‘85 – Not yet started’ in the Outcome identifier – national field is optional; you may continue to leave this field blank if the learner has not yet commenced training activity.

Learn more: Outcome Codes

New Zealand


We have been working on updating and improving UIP integration. Customers have been individually contacted however, if you would like to learn more see UIP

Other Important Information

Holiday Period

Wisenet is closed from 23rd December and will re-open on the 8th January.

Please ensure you have all of your Support Tickets requested by Wednesday 20th 12pm.

We are committed to provide you with the best support we can and in the most efficient way.  However, please note, Wisenet support staff capacity will be less than usual during the month of December and January due to the holiday period and staff being on leave.  Be mindful when you are submitting a support ticket at the last minute.  Your lack of preparation will not be an urgency for us.  For example, if you submit a support ticket after 4.30pm requesting urgent help with reporting close to, or after the deadline has passed, your support ticket will still go in the queue as a normal ticket with normal response time.

Thank You for your proactiveness!

Celebrating 20 Years!

Celebrating 20 years of innovation in education management

This year marks the 20 year anniversary of when Co-Founders and Directors Kim Yelland and Ben Hamilton began Wisenet.  To celebrate we had a party! See more photos and read the full story of 20 Years of Wisenet.

Wisenet also marked the year with an International Learning Experience Scholarship. In conjunction with Skilling Australia this saw two apprentice chefs Alison and Ben travel to Japan to experience the Tsukifi Fish Market and skill observation at renowned kitchens Two Rooms and Ruby Jacks.

Read More:

Training Pathways: HuffPost 

Wisenet Scholarship Grant: Skilling Australia

Thank you for completing the Wisenet Resource Survey!

We really appreciated you taking the time to give us your feedback. Due to your feedback we have already made some changes to the layout of the Home Page making it less clutter and to show you the latest or most popular resources.  Over the next few months you will notice; some changes to Resources; how we communicate; more videos; and we will continue to do more of the things you love like webinars (be sure you register for them!).

As always please let us know how you are going and if you had any more suggestions.

Out with the Old and in with the New

Starting from 2018 the old will be closed and only the new will be available for all of your resource and information requirements.