SDR Export Errors

If you have a large number of instances of a particular error and you think they need to be fixed one by one, fix a few sample records first and re-validate.
If needed, you may like to log a support request so we can investigate further.


Wisenet makes every attempt to ensure that the data listed below is correct. However, these codes may be subject to change. It is your Training Organisation’s responsibility that you use the correct outcome codes as listed in the STEO documentation for each state that you deliver in.

Quick Tip

The quickest way to find your error code is to type it into the Search function just above the table.

Read the last column How to Fix for where you can find the solution in Wisenet. Or sort by clicking on the arrows at the top of each column.

Once you have discovered how to fix your error in Wisenet, these can be fixed in two ways:

  1. Individually. Go into each individual record and amend the field
  2. Multiple. If there are many records with the same error these can potentially be fixed by performing a bulk update. How to Bulk Update

If you still require assistance, log a support request outlining details of the error, what you’ve attempted and links to Learner records.

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