There is more to Wisenet than you may know

Discover Features that can save you time, and help with efficiency

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Learncycles allow you to automate activities to trigger on specific enrolment events in Wisenet

Instead of remembering what to do at each step of an enrolment, set up activities once and have them auto trigger. Some examples include:


  • Set Tasks
  • Assign Tasks
  • Set Reminders to complete tasks

uReports/Email Messages:

  • Generate and Send Welcome Email
  • Generate and send Letter of Offer/uReport
  • Send Course Start Reminder

Update Fields

  • Auto change Course Enrolment Statuses
  • Enable/Disable Learner App/eLearning access
  • Issue Credentials

Level: Medium | Set Up: 1 Hr

A cost effective and efficient way to send out transcripts / statements to your Learners

Emailing Credentials not only reduces the hassle and cost of printing and mailing, but it also allows your Learners to instantly have access to their transcripts/statements with no long waiting period.

Level: Easy | Set Up: 10 Mins

Secure your credentials by adding a QR code and save time with self-validation for:
  • Other Training Providers needing to check CT/RPL for a Learner
  • Employers needing to validate an Employee’s credentials

Level: Easy | Set Up: 10 Mins

Tags allow you to easily categorise Course Enrolments to allow better filtering in reports and bulk actions in Wisenet.

Increase productivity and save time by narrowing down what you are searching for.

Level: Easy | Set Up: 10 Mins

Tasks allows tracking of activities required to complete work-related goals

They can be assigned to individuals or groups, with details of who it is assigned by and have deadlines and priorities. They can be added individually as needed, or automatically using Learncycles based on trigger events. You can add Tasks at a Learner level, Course Enrolment level and Unit Enrolment level. Some examples below:

Learners | Course and Unit Enrolments

  • USI and Documentation Check
  • Attendance and Course Progress Warning Tasks
  • Reassessments and Resit

Course Offers and Unit Offers

  • Venue and Equipments check
  • Trainer and resource allocation check
  • Assessment Tool validation

Staff | Workplaces | Organisation | CRM

  • Employment forms
  • Professional development
  • Staff leave reminder

Level: Easy | Set Up: 30 Mins

Does your Training organisation issue Student ID Cards?

Student ID Cards can be used as Learner or Workplace cards. These can then be used within your organisation for multiple purposes.

Level: Easy | Set Up: 15 Mins

Provide your Learner’s with access to the Learner App to update their personal details, view their course enrolments, outcomes, attendance, payments, documents and access e-learning

Customise your Learner App to match with your organisation’s branding. As a ‘single sign-on’ application all that the Learner needs is one login details to access multiple features.

Level: Easy | Set Up: 30 Mins

Predictable report delivery straight to your email

Subscribing to Reports allows you to set up your reporting requirements once and have it automatically run on a schedule and email to you or others.

Level: Easy | Set Up: 30 Mins

Do you require to seek feedback from Learners or Staff for continual improvement as part of your Training Organisation’s processes?

Wisenet has an integration with SurveyMonkey that allows:

  • sending customised surveys to a selected list of Learners from within Wisenet
  • easy reporting and sharing of analysed survey results

Level: Easy | Set Up: 30 Mins