Tags work like keywords which allows you to narrow down what you are searching for.

In Wisenet, Tags can be added against the Course Enrolment which will allow you to categorise an enrolment for the purpose of identifying special traits. You can then group similar enrolments to allow another way to filter enrolments in reports and within bulk actions.

  • Perform bulk operation filtered by tags
  • Can be bulk added and/or removed
Where and How to use Tags

We have introduced Tags in the Course Enrolment section. Not limited to but these are some example tags:

  • Intake March 2018
  • Workplace ABC
  • Disengaged
  • Delivery Mode – Part Time
  • International / Domestic / Trainee / Apprentice
  • VSL / S&S / Fee Free etc
  • Demographic, i.e Indigenous Status
  • Delivery Location

We do not intend that you will double data entry value from other fields. In the near future we will have more filter options for lists that allow filtering by existing fields.

You can use the Tags Filter section at Course Offer level to narrow down a list of Learners who belong to the same tags, i.e. AgentIsNickKyrios.

  1. Navigate to the relevant Course Offer 
  2. On the Left Navigation Bar, click on Enrolments
  3. In the Filter by tags box, type the relevant tags you want to filter by
  4. Select the relevant tags from the dropdown box
  5. Click Filter

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How to Add and/or Remove Tags
  1. Navigate to the relevant Learner’s Profile 
  2. In the Enrolment section, Click on ACTION next to the relevant Course Enrolment
  3. Click Edit Course Enrolment
    • To Add:
      • Place your cursor in the drop-down box next to Tags and type in the keywords you want to add as tags
      • Click Enter from your keyboard
    • To Remove:
      • Click on the X next to a tag to remove
  4. Save

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  1. Navigate to the relevant Course Offer 
  2. On the Left Navigation Bar, click on Enrolments
  3. Tick on the Tick Box to select all relevant Learners
  4. In the Action Dropdown box below the table, choose to Bulk Update Course Enrolments
  5. In the Training Details section:
    • To Add:
      • Tick the Add Tags box
      • In the Add Tags box, type in your custom tags, i.e. Current
      • Click Enter from your keyboard to add
    • To Remove:
      • Tick the Remove Tag box
      • In the Remove Tags, type in the tags you want to remove
  6. Click Perform Cascade

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