September 2018 Release Note

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This release includes process enhancements, compliance updates and new features. Please take your time to read through the notes to ensure that you can benefit from the changes.

Bug Fixes

We have exterminated several bugs in this release. If you have logged one, we will contact you personally.

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” – Wayne W.Dyer

If not already, you will notice enhancements to LRM and a new look to Learner Profile.

  • LRM pages now take up full screen
  • We are improving consistencies with look and colours
  • The Learner Profile page is more compact
  • You can now see a summary of Xero invoices on a Learner’s profile if you have Xero connected
  • If you are using Tags you will also see Tags and Agents (if any) in the Course Enrolment panel


Tags is a new feature in Wisenet which is added against Course Enrolment. It will allow you to categorise an enrolment for the purpose of identifying special traits. The purpose of why you will want to use tags is because it will help you better filter and categorise enrolments, and not only for reporting purposes but also for bulk actions.

Learn More? Tags 


  • QR Validation Code
    • A new feature in Wisenet where you can add a QR code to your credentials or a link to your website
    • Validators (examples below) can enter the Credential Number and Last Name to validate the credential
      • An Employer validating an Employee
      • A RTO checking CT/RPL for a Learner
    • Learn More? How to use QR Code for Certificate validation 
  • Email Issued Credentials to Learners and other email addresses
    • Only available on Premium Edition
    • This feature will be turned OFF by default. Can be turned ON by Portal Admin if desired.
    • Option to setup a new Email Template specific for when emailing Credentials
    • Learn More? Email Credentials 
  • Credentials Issuing Officer list is restricted based on Staff section configuration
  • AUSTRALIA ONLY: Added additional USI warnings when Requesting a Credential for Learner(s) without a verified USI

Enhancement to Composing Emails

Email sending options have been simplified in Wisenet while improving functionality.

  • Email Templates
    • Selecting a Template now populates the subject and body
      • Therefore allowing you to check and ensure that the right template is selected
    • Templates are designed to fast track email creation. You have the flexibility to make slight adjustments to the email template content to suit specific scenarios. This means that it may provide 90% of the content and the last 10% can be filled-in unique to the situation.
  • Add placeholders directly when composing Emails
    • Allows personalisation of emails with placeholders for one off emails and not just when using a template.
  • Improvements to FromName
    • FromName is now more adequately derived based on selected ReplyTo option
    • Eg. if reply to Staff record… then the FromName will be StaffName (ProviderName)
  • These email updates are to all places where emails can be sent (individual, bulk, sending an email with generated uReport, sending survey, email issued credentials)
  • Added more recipient options for Bulk Send Email Message

Course Offer Dashboard (NEW)

We are in the process of adding dashboards to other sections of Wisenet to provide you with more insights without having to run reports.

We have started with the Course Offer Dashboard allowing us to trial our approach and obtain feedback from customers.

Learn More? Course Offer Dashboard 

Course Enrolments

  • Course Enrolments Checklists Default Values from Template
    • Allows easier setting of Template Values when adding Checklists

Unit Elements

  • New field for storing “Performance Criteria”
  • The “Element Description” now allows up to 1000 characters


  • Ability to archive an agent
    • Use the new IsArchived field
  • Only active agents will be visible in the Agent dropdown list when linking with a course enrolment
  • When linking an Agent to a Course Enrolment, the VET Commission and ELICOS Commission rates will now default from the Agent values

Online Enrolment

  • When accepting an online enrolment, Unit Enrolment field values will now default from the linked unit offer
    • Eg. New compliance standard fields
  • This is designed to save time with enrolment data entry

Active Learners


  • Previously logbooks, export times and credential register all displayed datetime in the Melbourne timezone
  • These pages now display the time in your local timezone
  • Reports will continue to show Melbourne datetime

          If you missed

   The following events occurred in the lead up to this release:

 May 24th 2018


  • Ability to manually resync Xero Invoices
  • Ability to manually sync a Learner to Xero
  • Automated process to sync invoices and learners to Xero
  • View Xero invoices from Learner App

 May 28th 2018

Australia FeeHelp Export Update

  • PS file – HDR Submission Date, HDR Completion Date
  • EN file – HDR Engagement Code

 May 31st 2018


  • Added to Connected Apps page
  • Added Quality Indicator Surveys
    • Learner Engagement Survey
    • Employer Satisfaction Survey

Course Enrolment

  • Added new field eCOE Issue Date on the Course Enrolment page
  • Registration ID has been renamed to “Registration Number”


  • CRICOS code field has been added to the Course
  • If configured, the value will be defaulted to the course offer, upon creation

Export Changes

Auto default Delivery Mode based on Outcome

  • When Outcome is configured to RPL granted (51) or Credit Transfer (60) or RCC granted (53) we will now always default set:
    • Delivery Mode (AV7, AV8) and Predominant Delivery Mode to ‘Not Applicable’
  • When Outcome is configured to WA values of RPL granted (06) or Credit Transfer (09) or RCC granted (15) we will now always default set:
    • Delivery Mode (AV7), Delivery Mode WA1,  Delivery Mode WA2, Delivery Mode WA3 to ‘Not Applicable’

Fee Help:

  • New fields added in the Course Offer page
    • HDR Engagement Code
    • Separation Status
  • New fields added in the Course Enrolment page
    • HDR Engagement Code
    • HDR Thesis Submission Date
  • Export Update (released on 28th May)
    • PS file – HDR Submission Date, HDR Completion Date
    • EN file – HDR Engagement Code

Course Enrolment page

The following new fields have been added to the Course Enrolment page:

  • Public Trust Number
  • Unique Training Hours
  • Orientation Date

Course Offer page

New fields have been added in the Course Offer page, as Unit Offer defaults to make Course Offer and Unit Offer setup quicker:

  • Fee Assessment Category
  • Mural Attendance

SDR Export Updated

  • Added support for Total_Fee and Fees_Free_Eligible
    • The export will be the right structure however you will receive a Warning as they are currently reported as empty
  • NOTE: New Fields to be gradually added in the database throughout the year