Smart and Skilled Outcome Change Blank to 85

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Does this change apply to me?

If you are reporting government data to NSW Smart and Skilled then you will need to follow these steps.

What’s changing

Until August 2018, NSW Smart and Skilled had a blank Outcome that was required to be set for future Unit Enrolments. This blank outcome (00 in Wisenet) is no longer allowed and is being replaced by the AVETMISS 8 Outcome 85 – Not yet Started.

How is this change being implemented in Wisenet

  • The NSW Export has been updated in Wisenet to accommodate the required Outcome changes
    • The Export process is unchanged
  • All relevant Resource Articles have been updated to refer to Outcome 85 in place of the Blank Outcome
  • Customers will need to ensure Outcome 85 is used and NOT Outcome 00 (see steps below)

IMPORTANT: Required steps to be actioned by ALL NSW Smart and Skilled Training Providers

  • Effective immediately only use Outcome 85 and NOT Outcome 00
  • Update any existing records from Outcome 00 to Outcome 85 using any Unit Enrolment Update Feature. We recommend using the Bulk Unit Outcome Update feature in Wisenet by following the steps below:


  1. Navigate to LRM > Learners > Enrolment Update Wizards > Bulk Unit Outcome Update 
  2. Set the following Fields:
    • Unit Vet Flag – All
    • Contract State* – NSW
    • Enrolment Status*: Select All by clicking and dragging
    • CUOR End Date*: Choose a broad date range to ensure you get all records with 00. Eg. From 01/01/2018 to 01/01/2026

Learn More? How to Bulk Update Unit Outcomes with Enrolment Wizard


Select the outcome code you wish to change

  • Outcome AV Code – 00 – Blank Outcome
  • Then click Apply Criteria


You should now see a summary of Unit Enrolments that meet your above criteria grouped by Course Offer.

  1. Select ALL of the listed Course Offers
  2. Click on Action Menu
  3. Select Bulk Update Selected Enrolments
    • Ensure you choose to update Outcome = 85

You should no longer have any Unit Enrolments with Outcome 00.