How to Manually Add Tasks

A Task is simply a thing someone needs to do that you then need to keep in your records.  You can use tasks for individual situations, for example, to record a meeting with an Agent.


Add Task

Tasks can be added from various locations within Wisenet.


  1. Navigate to LRM > Tasks
  2. From the top right corner, Click Add Tasks


Navigate to any of the following areas and then click the top right hand Action button and select Create Task :

  • Learner Profile
  • Any Logbook:
    • Course of Unit Enrolment
    • Course, Unit, Course Offer, Unit Offer
    • Agent, Opportunity, Organisation, Workplace, Staff

See suggestions on types of Tasks


Task details

Give your task a name.

Optionally, add further details:

  • Priority: Low, medium, high
  • Status: Not started, in progress, pending, completed
  • Dates: Due, Completed
  • Assigned to: you can assign a task to a person (yourself, other staff, learner) or a role
  • Time Spent (mins)
  • Rich text description
  • Use the Insert Media option to attach files, if relevant (up to 10 MB each)
  • In Learner, Course Enrolment or Unit Enrolment logbook, whether trainer can see



The task will be saved in logbook.  Whoever is assigned to the task (person or role) will see that task in their My Tasks dashboard, and will also receive an email notification about a task assigned to them.

Overdue tasks will also show as alerts in some places, e.g. client dashboard


Trainer can only view a task when all of these are true:

  • Your Wisenet Portal Settings allow trainers to see client logbook entries
  • The task is in the Client, Course Enrolment or Unit Enrolment logbook
  • The task has Trainer Can See ticked
  • The trainer is assigned to at least one of the client’s course or unit enrolments

Trainer can only edit a task when:

  • Trainer can view the task (as above)
  • The task is assigned to that trainer OR assigned to the trainer role.