How To Submit VSN Export

If you are required to complete VSN reporting, it is important that you incorporate specific VSN field collection and processes into your Course offer, Learner and Enrolment setup. The requirements change slightly depending on how you set up your Wisenet database for correct reporting.

Before you begin:

Required Knowledge: VSN | Organisation | Units | Course Offers | Unit Offers | Learners


Navigate to LRM


Successful VSN Reporting

Each Tab represents a different stage in your VSN reporting. Click on each Tab for instructions on what needs to be completed for successful reporting.

If you are required to complete VSN reporting, it is important that you incorporate specific VSN field collection and processes into your Course Offer, Learner and Enrolment setup. Spending a little more time upfront can save a lot of time later.

Learn More about Field Guidelines

Before you can set up for correct reporting you must first contact the government’s VSN Implementation Team and obtain the following information:

  1. VSN Username
  2. VSN Password
  3. VSN Submission Date

Then, with your LRM Owner access, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to LRM > Settings
  2. Under the App Settings widget, Click on LRM
  3. Locate the three VSN fields -for each field, update the details then click save:
    • VSN Username (Enter without “eduweb\”)
    • VSN Password
    • VSN Next Submission Date
      • Enter in your submission date (dd/mm/yyyy). Each time the vsn runs it will add a month to this date)


  • You cannot just use your VSR web login details to get the required VSN information from the government.  The VSR team need to enable webservice access
  • These settings connect you to the VSN register and automatically export your required information. Your responsibility is to ensure correct enrolment information is gathered as outlined
  • When a submission is completed, an email will be sent out to the email address stated in ‘AVETMISS Export Email’ attribute in your Wisenet LRM. This email address is also used by Wisenet AVETMISS Export reporting email.
    • If you haven’t set up an email address yet:
      1. Navigate to LRM>Settings
      2. Under the App Settings widget, Click on LRM
      3. Search for AVETMISS Export Email
      4. Edit and configure the desired email address

While not strictly required it is recommended as it allows you to proactively complete your data integrity checks to ensure Learners meet the required criteria.  Only Learners that meet the required criteria will be reported to the Victorian Government. Therefore, Wisenet will export all Learners that:

  1. Have at least 1 Unit Enrolment that has:
    • Victorian contract (either Fee For Service or Funded)
    • The VSN Export Date falls within the Start and End Dates (eg. Next VSN Submission Date is 02/04/2018 then at least 1 Unit Enrolment must have a Start Date before or equal to 04/2018 and an End Date after or equal to 04/2018).
    • Outcome code is anything except
      • empty
      • 40 without specified actual hours
  2. Has a Course Enrolment that has
    • An Enrolment Status (is not an Application)
    • Linked to a Course Offer with For AVETMISS = True
    • Linked to a Course with VET Flag = Y
  3. And, the Learner meets one of the following age criteria:
    • Is aged 17 or younger on 1 January for the current year
    • Is aged 24 or younger on 1 January for the current year
Quick Tip:

You can use report #0495 to see which Learners will be reported for each month.

You can also use report #0449 to review all Learner Numbers including VSN.

Wisenet has a special arrangement with the government which automatically sends and receives student enrolment data to and from the government’s database via web-services. Specifically, this function automates:

  1. The export of the data to the government, and
  2. Allocates the VSN specified by the government to the relevant students via an import

Learn More? Reporting VSN data through Wisenet

After Submission

After your export has been submitted there may still be errors.

These errors descriptions and how to fix them can be found on the VSN Export Errors

These can be fixed in two ways:

  1. Individually. Go into each individual record and amend the field. How to manually add / update VSN to a Learner
  2. Multiple. If there are many records with the same error these can potentially be fixed by performing a bulk update. How to Bulk Update

The information provided is based on our interpretations of the requirements. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are compliant. If you have any concerns or suggestions please contact us.

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