VSN Export Errors

This page provides you with a list of common VSN errors, how to fix them and frequently asked questions about VSN errors.

Quick Tip:

You can use report #0495 to see which Learners will be reported for each month.

You can also use report #0449 to review all Learner Numbers including VSN.

VSN Common Errors

If the following process does not work it is likely due to a backend setting in the VSN service. You need to contact the VSR Team (kosasih.benny.b@edumail.vic.gov.au) advising

  • We use Wisenet and require the settings “retrospective upload” and “flexible submission date” to be enabled. Can you please advise us of our last successful submission date.

Carefully follow these steps if you are advised by the VSR team to resend your data. This can only be done with the LRM Owner access.

  1. Before you begin you need to fix any Wisenet data according to specific error messages
    • If you just need resubmit then you can skip this step
  2. Determine the period you need to resubmit
    • what is the oldest Year / Month that needs to be resubmitted?
    • If you have received an error it should say the YYYYMM value that needs to be submitted
    • For our example if it states ‘Please upload to period: 201703 before uploading to period: 201707’ then the Year = 2017 and Month = 03
  3. Set the correct submission date
    • Navigate to LRM > Settings
    • In the App Settings widget, click LRM
    • Edit and Save the ‘VSN next submission date’
    • The value you enter needs to be todays day value plus the month and year from the resubmission requirements above
    • If today is the 15th you would need to enter 15/03/2017
  4. The VSN export will attempt to run at 10am, 1pm and 4pm
    • It will run and try to process the export for 15/03/2017 and if successful should continue to process each month each time the VSN export runs
    • If can only process a maximum of 3 VSN exports a day. Do if you have a number of months you will need to go in each day and update the day part of the submission date to match “todays” day
      • eg now change it to the 16/05/2017
  5. Once the submission date is up to date, the export will then continue to run on the next appointed day and will automatically click over to the following month after running successfully.
    • You will receive a confirmation email that your submission is successful.

Note: You may change the submission date whenever you wish

Do I need to do the Re-Submit process for every month that’s missing a return?

Yes, but start with the oldest month first and the system will do each month for you, you just need to check that it runs successfully.

Can I re-do all my exports on the same day?

Only if there are three or less. The export only runs three times per day. If you are several months behind it may take a few days to get caught up. You need to keep checking the email reports.

How can I prevent this from backing up for months at a time again?

To prevent this issue recurring, make sure you check through the VSN response email that the VSN service sends each month. The email will state whether or not the export was successful, and any errors that need to be attended to.

What email reports? I haven’t received any.

The report will be sent to whichever email address is listed for Exports in the Wisenet LRM Settings.