Moodle Site Security

This article is not application to you if:

  • You are a new Moodle customer who signed-up to be hosted by Wisenet after November 19th 2018, OR
  • Wisenet is NOT your Moodle host
    • NOTE: You may want to check with your Moodle host about their site security policies.

As your Moodle host, Wisenet takes site security seriously. Running your Moodle site using HTTPS increases the level of security and there are a number of benefits  to consider.

Wisenet opted to use the Moodle setting for HTTPS at the Moodle login page only, so as to improve security at login involving sessions and password without causing unforeseen consequences that HTTPS may have on your Moodle theme, custom plugins or educational content.

If required, we can enable HTTPS on your entire Moodle site. Simply log a Support Request to advise us and we will action as requested. Please consider the following important notes:


  • Wisenet will make the HTTPS setting change however, you will need to first ensure that your site is transition ready. There is a conversion tool to assist you.
  • If we transition your Moodle to HTTPS and things stop working then we can roll you back allowing you to fix the issues.