Moodle Site Backup and Restore

What is a Moodle Site Backup?

As part of your Moodle hosting policies, every night Wisenet conducts automated backup of your entire Moodle site. This allows for everything associated with your Moodle Site to be saved, such as:

  • the data stored in the database (i.e. a MySQL database)
  • the uploaded files (i.e. site and course files uploaded via Moodle located in moodledata)

In the unlikely event that there is an outage with lost of data, Wisenet can then restore and bring your Moodle site back to the point in time when the last backup was made, therefore preventing lost of information.

What is the difference between a Site Backup and a Course Backup in Moodle?

A Site backup comprises of ALL your data being saved with the best confidence and the shortest recovery time.

A Course backup is only recommended if you need to create a “fresh” copy of a course or section of a course that can be re-used, or as a method to distribute a course to other Moodle sites. Learn More? Moodle Course Backup and Restore

Moodle Site Restore Process

How do I obtain a backup copy of my Moodle Site?

We understand that you may require a backup copy of your Moodle Site for reasons such as:

  • Your Moodle hosting contract is ending and will not be renewed with Wisenet
  • Data was accidentally deleted and lost from your end
  • An old course need to be restored
  • Or, any other reasons which resulted in lost of data from your end

In instances such as the above examples, you will need to log a support ticket requesting for a copy of your Moodle Site with details of the required backup date, and explanation of what is needed from the copy.


Data restoration may involve a cost (except for Moodle Hosting End of Contract) and the exact amount will vary depending on the nature of the request. This will be discussed with you prior to any action taken from Wisenet.

The process

  1. Submit a Support Request including:
    • reason(s) for restoration
    • specific date(s) for the required backup
  2. Wisenet Support Agent will be in contact with you to explain charges (if any)
  3. Decide whether you want to proceed or not:
    • If no, advise us and we will close the Support Request
    • If yes, Wisenet will schedule a date and time to create a sandpit with a copy of the required data
  4. Upon receiving the test site, you are required to download required data file and save on your own server/drive
  5. If you are required to then upload saved data in your live Moodle site, simply follow the instructions on how to restore a file in a Moodle Course
  6. The Test Moodle site expires two (2) weeks from the date you received it
    • You will be notified before the Support Ticket is closed