How To Apply the Xero Finance Process in Wisenet

The Finance process involves syncing Learners to Xero, generating Invoices and syncing them with Payments back to Wisenet.


Required Pre-Steps

Please make sure that you have already Set Up Xero Integration and Merge Xero Contacts


Add Learner and Enrolment
  • Add a Learner and Enrolment as required

Learn how to Enrol a Learner


Sync to Xero

Once Enrolment is confirmed and ready, you can either:

  • Automate the sync using Learncycle, Or
  • Manually sync to Xero through the following steps:
    1. Navigate to LRM > Learners
    2. Search for and open the relevant Learner’s Profile Page
    3. Click on the Personal Details Tab
    4. Click on the Action menu, Select Edit Personal
    5. Then:
      • Either, Scroll and Tick the Checkbox for Sync to Xero
      • Or, Manually Re-Sync Xero invoices by clicking on the Manual Sync button. NOTE: The Manual Sync button is only visisle when:
        • Xero is connected (via Connected Apps) AND
        • ‘Sync to Xero’ checkbox in the Learner profile is ticked.
    6. Click Save

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It may take a few minutes for the synchronization to occur. Please wait a few minutes and check later.

If you have more than 100 Learners we can bulk sync enrolments to Xero for you. Please request this by logging a support ticket.


Notify Finance
  1. Notify your Finance team that the Learner has been sync’d to Xero and what they need to invoice
    • This is best done by generating a uReport and sending it via Email
      • Use a general uReport template designed to show relevant Learner and Enrolment that allows Finance to know what to invoice
    • This can be automated by using Learncycle options.


Finance to Create Invoices
  • Finance finds Xero Contact and invoices as required


Invoices Sync to Wisenet
  • Invoices will automatically sync back to Wisenet against the Learner record (including pdf)
    • This is now visible for LRM Account Owners, Admins and in the Learner App if enabled
  • Any future invoices or payments will be updated in Wisenet


How to re-sync Invoices and Learners to Wisenet
  • If you notice that some invoices or learners did not sync you can force a Re-sync.

Learn More: How to Re-sync Existing Learners in Wisenet

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