How To Apply the Xero Finance Process in Wisenet

The Finance process involves syncing Learners to Xero, generating Invoices and syncing them with Payments back to Wisenet.


Required Pre-Steps

Please make sure that you have already Set Up Xero Integration and Merge Xero Contacts


Add Learner and Enrolment
  • Add a Learner and Enrolment as required

Learn how to Enrol a Learner


Sync to Xero

Once Enrolment is confirmed and ready, you can either:

  • Automate the sync using Learncycle, Or
  • Manually sync to Xero through the following steps:
    1. Navigate to LRM > Learners
    2. Search for and open the relevant Learner’s Profile Page
    3. Click on the Personal Details Tab
    4. Click on the Action menu, Select Edit Personal
    5. Then:
      • Either, Scroll and Tick the Checkbox for Sync to Xero
      • Or, Manually Re-Sync Xero invoices by clicking on the Manual Sync button. NOTE: The Manual Sync button is only visisle when:
        • Xero is connected (via Connected Apps) AND
        • ‘Sync to Xero’ checkbox in the Learner profile is ticked.
    6. Click Save

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It may take a few minutes for the synchronization to occur. Please wait a few minutes and check later.

If you have multiple Learners to sync to Xero, then you can bulk update the Sync to Xero field to True by following the steps below:

  1. Go to the Learners Search page
  2. Add filter > Is Active > Is True > Done
  3. Choose Select > All Records
  4. Choose Action > Edit Learner(s)
  5. Choose Sync to Xero > True
  6. Click Save

You can either wait overnight for all the records to sync or alternatively go to Connected Apps > Xero > Xero was disconnected and I need to resync missing Learners > Choose a date range from yesterday to today and click Resync Data.


Notify Finance
  1. Notify your Finance team that the Learner has been sync’d to Xero and what they need to invoice
    • This is best done by generating a uReport and sending it via Email
      • Use a general uReport template designed to show relevant Learner and Enrolment that allows Finance to know what to invoice
    • This can be automated by using Learncycle options.


Finance to Create Invoices
  • Finance finds Xero Contact and invoices as required


Invoices Sync to Wisenet
  • Invoices will automatically sync back to Wisenet against the Learner record (including pdf)
    • This is now visible for LRM Account Owners, Admins and in the Learner App if enabled
  • Any future invoices or payments will be updated in Wisenet


How to re-sync Invoices and Learners to Wisenet
  • If you notice that some invoices or learners did not sync you can force a Re-sync.

Learn More: How to Re-sync Existing Learners in Wisenet

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